Kevin Knox v Miles Bridges

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Kevin Knox v Miles Bridges

Kevin Knox or Miles Bridges

Knox is lengthier, younger, could potentially be a better shooter and has higher defensive potential but Bridges is stronger, more athletic, a better playmaker/ball handler and a better rebounder.

Who would you guys take because if Knox has a big-ish season he could push Bridges back to where he was to begin with which is top 10 to late lotto.

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If you believe some scouts,

If you believe some scouts, Kevin Knox doesn't look very NBA-ready and struggles with his decision making and overall basketball instincts, draftexpress have even taken him out of their 2018 mock draft for now.

So Kevin Knox is more of a project, while Miles Bridges will be more of an instant-impact guy who can help your team on his first contract. Miles Bridges also seems to fit with what NBA teams want right now: a strong multi-positional defender who can shoot, pass and hustle. If he gets better over the year, I can see a team picking him somewhere between 5 and 10.

2018 has an amazing top 4 (Ayton, Doncic, Bamba, Porter Jr.), after that I think it's wide-open.

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Knox did not impress me much

Knox did not impress me much with his fluidity as an athlete. He has potential as you said but Bridges is more of a sure thing with upside himself. I thought Bridges could have snuck into the top 10 this year because of how much the NBA values verstalility, athleticism and three point shooting although some think Bridges numbers were a fluke.

If he shoots 29% next year from 3 he could fall out of the lottery if some players step up but I would imagine he will have a stellar season shoot at least mid 30's from 3 and go top 10 next year.

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