Kevin Dutant scores 63, loses in OT during his return to Seattle

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Kevin Dutant scores 63, loses in OT during his return to Seattle

Article is here. Not his best shooting day (62 shots, 8-32 from 3), but 63 is 63! Plus, am sure the fans must have been loving it. Was D'ed up by Martell Webster, with HS senior and Louisville commit Shaqquan Aaron even getting some opportunities to guard KD. Jamal Crawford (who the Pro-Am is named after) had 46 as his team beat a team featuring KD and Spencer Hawes 147-141 in OT.

Some KD highlight dunks from his Seattle return:

More game highlights of mostly Jamal Crawford and Kevin Durant:

The Seattle fans loved it and greeted his arrival on the court with a standing ovation that lasted several minutes. KD's teammate, former Huskies guard Will Conroy, finished with 33 and Martell Webster had 25 for Jamal Crawford's squad. Can also see KD's final shot attempt here, was a nice move, just did not go down. Also, here is KD's intro to a packed house at the Pro-Am. Really cool that he did this and the fans seemed to show him a lot of love.

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I'd love to play in a Pro-Am

I'd love to play in a Pro-Am league. I have no expectations of being good at that level ( Thanks to the Mayor of Seattle, I know I wouldn't be the worst guy in the league, lol ), but I just think it'd be really fun to see first hand the skill, size and athletic ability of professional players. Being on the court with a great player is pretty awesome to be a part of, even if it was in a Pro-Am setting, I'd love to toss KD and oop or get my ankles broken by Crawford...maybe that's just the fan in me.

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How have I not heard about

How have I not heard about this old-ass mayor playing at a Pro-Am?!?! I had no idea what JoeWolf was talking about, but then I saw a balding silver fox getting his ankles broken by Tyreke Evans. Wow. Why are the Kings still in Sacramento again?

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Robbed of watching the best

Robbed of watching the best talent every night up close or on local cable. Hurts my heart. Kevin Durant/Russell Wilson/king Felix. Wwwhhhyyyy

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Seattle doesn't have an NBA

Seattle doesn't have an NBA team because the other 30 NBA clubs wouldn't want to share TV revenue money. But, dang, I bet that Seattle could get a SWEET local TV contract possibly even extending into Vancouver, BC. Seattle would also help bolster pro basketball in the Pacific Northwest again.

I also think that ratings for ALL BIG GAMES like the NBA Finals will spike up in Seattle if they get another team.

Also, the next TV deals should be worth more money since you are adding a pretty good (large and wealthy) TV market (Seattle) into the equation and maybe another one in Vancouver, Canada. The NBA would also reinstate the Seattle - Portland rivalry.

The NBPA should push for it since it would add more NBA roster spots. It would also give the league's cellar dwellers some more wins even though the new franchise should be able to get some nice young talent in the draft.

And, if they did indeed bring back the Sonics name I would also expect jersey sales to soar. Especially with some nice young talent in the next few drafts. Sonics jerseys would be HUGE.

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I wonder if Pro-Ams charge

I wonder if Pro-Ams charge money. We have the Drew League in LA but I know it would be impossible to get into.

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8-32 I could do better than

8-32 I could do better than that with my eyes closed

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I was there, martell actually

I was there, martell actually looked great, might finally be healthy.

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"8-32 from 3" ... what

"8-32 from 3"



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