Kevin Durant game highlight playing in Drew League.

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Kevin Durant game highlight playing in Drew League.

It looks like he finally put on some sufficient weight.

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not impressed, he might have put 2 to 5 pounds max. Lebron will sitll bully him in the post and kill him on the block

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Who doesn't he do that to?

Who doesn't he do that to?

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Eh, weight doesn't bother me,

Eh, weight doesn't bother me, I just want him to get over his "Lebron" phase and rediscover the scoring mentality that took his team to the Finals.

Here you had a guy who could drop 30 without dominating the ball, and his coaches forced him to over-handle it - it just doesn't make sense to me.

They need to let Durant be Durant and make scoring his priority, instead of telling him to focus on distributing. Distributing is nice and all, but Durant will be most valuable to this team if he works on his offensive arsenal so teams can't blanket him like the Grizzlies did.

He was eye-popping in the playoffs in 2012, but in the 2013 post-season his numbers were more rounded, but he didn't make you go "wow" like he had before.

I think the coaching staff over-reacted to the loss of James Harden and needs to place more trust in their other guards instead of forcing Durant to become a point-forward.

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I think Reggie Jackson is

I think Reggie Jackson is going to have a big year and will take the place as the 6th man this year. Obviously he isn't the shooter that Harden or Martin are but he's a dynamic guard who can create for himself and others.

Also people give LeBron a lot of grief for his hairline but not many people are mentioning that bald spot on the top of KDs head.

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