Kevin Durant deserves to lose

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Kevin Durant deserves to lose

Watching KD is one of the most frustrating things I have ever seen. I use to be a russ westbrook hater for taking too many shots but not anymore. Kevin Durant had 38 points on 12-16 shooting last night and Reggie Jackson took more shots than him KEVIN DURANT STOP BEING A &$#%#[email protected]! AND TELL THEM TO GIVE YOU THE BALL. He could literally average 50 in the playoffs. 6'11 with handles that can make it rain from anywhere on the court. Kevin Durant needs to have Kobe's 06-07 mind set.

RUSS WHEN YOU GET BACK START CHUCKIN-get Durant mad make him take more shots. Radiculas just radiculas. Always second because of his mind set

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I'll admit Durant frustrates me from time to time, but I don't think he needs to change that much. Durant is the best scorer in the league and is a superstar.

However, I do think that things need to change in OKC. Mainly when it comes to the head coach. Scott Brooks runs such a predictable offense as it mainly consists of Iso's for Westbrook and KD. He doesn't run a lot of set plays. Miami is great because they run the offense through LeBron who can facilitate an offense from op top or in the post with the best of them. Scott Brooks rarely seems to post up KD and see what he can do down there (a la Melo and LBJ). Last night's final play was a disaster and I though it was embarrassing that Scott Brooks couldn't draw up a good play with 12 seconds left. He just gave the ball to Durant at the top of the floor and let him dribble. That was so damn predictable

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Scott Brooks is soo freaking frustrating its hilarious. I mean I really wouldn't mind having a coach with a freaking brain for crying out loud. His coaching strategy I swear is the worse I've seen from a contender. This is the dude who has an offense thats just iso iso iso and can't match up for anything in the world. Heck in the FInals I came to be convinced that this dude probably won't win a championship. I mean he is dead set on always having perkins and ibaka on the floor despite the fact that they switch on D a lot and you are forcing ibaka away from the basket and making him guard a perimeter player who's eyes light up everytime they see him there on them. And it would only work if Perkins and Ibaka could actually score from the block consistently which they can't. If they fired Scott Brooks, I wouldn't object I would most likely celebrate

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I agree that Brooks is a poor

I agree that Brooks is a poor coach, but it's not as if Brooks was taking the ball out of his hands.

Reggie Jackson taking more shots than KD opened my eyes. Perhaps Westbrook is pushed to shoot more because of KD's compliancy. It's not that KD doesn't demand the ball, but he doesn't move when off ball which doesn't allow for a clear passing lane when someone else is dribbling.

Again KD's lack of movement is Brooks's fault for not drawing up a meaningful play. But ultimately the onus is on Durant to put himself in position to score and he shouldn't need a play drawn up for that to happen.

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Yeah you are right about KD's

Yeah you are right about KD's compliancy, however I like what Charles Barkley said that him jacking up 30 might not be good either. The one thing that I would say is that KD's game is one of supreme effiency he can get 30 on like 10 shots. So I guess that would make seem like him forcing shots is a good thing. To be honest KD might be better served taking more shots but only if he isn't forcing it too much, like last night most of the time KD was forced to pass to the open man because they were freaking determine to not let KD be the one that beats them. I mean he could be like Melo and Kobe and force the shot however I really think he is better served passing it up a bit.

And in regard to Reggie taking more shots, honest most of those shots were good shots he was pretty open most of the time and it was generally off of KD getting the ball out when doubled or face guarded really well which he isn't use too

But heck he still had what 38 last night in like 16 but heck what you gonna do

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They can get by the Rockets

They can get by the Rockets with Durant taking 15-20 shots a game but in the 2nd round, Durant is going to need to take another step and shoot 20-25 shots a game if they want to beat a good team like Memphis or LAC.

Durant was hitting everything and still only took 16 shots. The way he was shooting the ball, most guys would take 20-25 shots. He could have easily had 50 tonight and swept the Rockets but he decided to take a step back, get outshot by Jackson, and they lost.

Durant, like James, allows the game to come to him rather than going after the game. That mentality works, but you have to know when you need to chase the game. James learned that last season and won his ring, if Durant can learn to do that, this Thunder team is going to the Finals.

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That's why I've been saying

People who kept complaining about Westbrook need to stop. KD seems more concerned about being efficient in part to his 50/40/90 campaign than actually taking the reigns of a team. He's got no excuse to not be selfish and take hold of the team right now.

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I agree that Durant needs to

I agree that Durant needs to shoot more. I'd like to see him shooting 25 times or more.

However, I think saying Jackson took more shots than him is somewhat misleading since Durant shot 15 free-throws. When you consider that, Durant probably got over 20 shots.

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KD needs a little bit more

KD needs a little bit more Carmelo and a little less Lebron in his game. He isn't as good as Lebron from an all around perspective so he probably needs to focus on getting more shots up. Melo, good or bad, will take just about any shot at any time if he feels the team needs it. Not saying Durant should become a black hole, but being more assertive and fearless would serve him well.

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I always assumed too that it was Westbrook, but the more you look at it the blame HAS to fall on the coach. Like other posters before me said, he is not fully utilizing his size and quickness in the post and Coach Brooks has not adapted to the small ball style that has made MIA so dangerous, and there is no way Perkins should be playing as many minutes as he does.

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