Kevin Durant & the 50-40-90 club.

Here's the article from Slam:

Right off the bat it mentions it being a feat never attained by Kobe, Michael or LeBron, insinuating Kevin Durant almost being a shooting specialist. Looking at some of the other names too, a few (Bird and Nash specifically) are remembered more for another aspect of their game, Nash-passing and Bird-all around play.

Do posters here feel Kevin Durant is a pure shooting specialist, or is this just another aspect of his game he is all-world with?

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He's definitely more than

He's definitely more than just a shooting specialist. He can take it to the rack and finish with the best of them, and he is getting better on his defense and passing abilities as well.

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I'm really excited to see how

I'm really excited to see how his game develops as he gets older too. He could be a legit force in the post, high post, mid range and downtown.

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