Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant

Obviously Kevin Durant has had a fantastic season and deserves to win MVP this season. I'm also a big fan of Kevin Durant and think he's a great person who really helps the OKC community with all of his charity work. My question though is should Kevin Durant start to receive backlash for not being able to win in the playoffs if the Grizzlies ultimately win this series?

To be honest, I don't think KD is going to hear it as much from the media as say I don't know LeBron James! LeBron's 7th season in Cleveland was also his last. It's largely remembered for being yet another season where LeBron couldn't carry the Cavs to a title or at least another Finals appearance. Everyone and his brother was all over LeBron because he constantly kept falling short, but most people don't ever criticize Durant for doing the same thing.

Now I'm also well aware that the Grizzlies are not a typical 7 seed in the playoffs, but this Thunder team is probably better than any team that LeBron ever played on Cleveland too so it's not as if Durant is having to carry this team single-handedly either.

To sum it up, through the first 7 years of their careers LeBron and KD both had/have one Finals appearance each. What are your thoughts on Kevin Durant only having one title appearance in his first 7 years and should he receive criticism for this ala LeBron in Cleveland?

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Yes he should. All great

Yes he should. All great players have to face heat for not advancing. Especially now that Westbrook is back.

Hopefully now he cuts some of those 35 footers out of his game and becomes even more efficient offensively(scary thought)

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So far in these playoffs KD

So far in these playoffs KD is shooting only 36% when Tony Allen is on the floor....Durant seems to be settling for long jumpers, instead of posting up or driving to the basket...Their offense now is limited to either him or Westbrook..Coach Brooks needs to make adjustments to his system....

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Not to sound like a broken

Not to sound like a broken record but I feel that Scott "iso-happy" Brooks is largely responsible.

There was a post made on this site recently that was spot on, comparing the Thunder to the Bulls when Doug Collins was the coach. Chicago realized that Doug had taken this team as far as he could, hired Phil Jackson, and the rest is history.

I know that 'Phil Jackson's' don't grow on trees, but give Durant and Westbrook a high caliber offensive coach and we won't be having these conversations in the future

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Don't forget that MJ took 7

Don't forget that MJ took 7 years to win a title, Shaq took 8 years, LeBron took 9 years so KD is in good company.

Any change of Head Coach would be harsh on Scott Brooks as he has taken them to a NBA Final and a Conference final so the team does have play off form but it has happened to more successful coaches than Scott. Also KD and Westbrook have played the vast majority of their career under Scott so they'd have great loyalty to him so would a change at the top negatively affect them and KD is a possible FA in 2016 so things would need to be considered very carefully.

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No they need a change at the

No they need a change at the coaching position because what Scott Brooks made a name for hisself is because he developed young players and had them playing hard now he has turned to vets. Think traded Green and Harden and buried all other young players on the bench. He only played Jackson because Westbrook got hurt. He is a coach for young and upcoming teams not contenders. I would love to see the Thunder hire Jeff Van Gundy or someone with some heart to tell Westbrook stop shooting so many bad out of rhythm shots and Durant to stop trying to shoot from 30 ft on smaller players and to use his length better. Durant also has to stop getting lost on defense so often he plays defense like Harden.

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Kevin Durant is the best

Kevin Durant is the best player in the league who has yet to win a title. So, yeah, he will be hearing it.

The Thunder need an offensive SYSTEM (Triangle offense?), another facilitator on offense, and another low post scorer.

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