Kenyon Martin

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Kenyon Martin

Just a quick shout out to K-Mart for a couple of very impressive back to back performances for the Knicks vs the Raptors - 19 points and 11 rebounds on Friday and 18 points and 7 rebounds tonight.

He will have put himself back on a lot of contenders radars for next season depending what the situation with the Knicks might be and what they can offer him.

I was not following the NBA really when K-Mart was with NJ so only really remember him having his double microfracture issues with Denver and him coming back and being a solid defensive guy but not being the player he was or could have been if he had not had injury issues. Did he have the potential to be a 20/10 player aand a regular all star pre injury or was he just a good complimentary starter whose peak was about 17/8 which JKidd helped him reach.

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The latter

the 17-8 is pretty accurate and yeah it was with the help of numerous jkidd lob passes and fastbreak opportunities.....he made an allstar team though

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He had the potential to be 20/10 player definitely before his injuries.. He was really athletic.. Loved his game

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He probably could have had a

He probably could have had a couple of 20/10 seasons before knee surgeries, and he was good defensive player. He and Antonio McDyess were so nasty back in their prime, before Blake Griffin there were Kenyon Martin and Antonio McDyess.

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in college, kenyon martin was

in college, kenyon martin was head and shoulders above everyone else. i think he might still have the record for most goal tending calls on the college level. he also had a ton of blocks btw. then right before the tourney started, he tore his acl. the injuries started before he even went pro. if he never would have got injured in college, i believe he would not have been as injury prone. he battled injuries his nba career. sometimes if you get injured it heals better. sometimes if you get injured it's never the same or it's more likely you get injured again.

now to nerlens noel. will history repeat itself? noel tore his acl in high school. then he goes to a kentucky team and is considered to be a top pick. no the kentucky team wasn't as good as kenyon's, which makes it even more mind boggling. noel has less of an offensive game than martin did. he tore his acl in college and most mock drafts for some reason seem to be disreguarding that. it's not one, but two tears! he hasn't played an nba game yet. that is injury prone before even getting to the nba if you ask me. i bring this up because everytime i hear nerlens noel right now, i think kenyon martin injury.

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