Kentucky with the win over #11 Florida

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Kentucky with the win over #11 Florida

Kentucky's tournament resume jsut got a huge boost with this win.

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Enough Though???

Is it really enough though??? Mizzou and Florida thier 2 biggest wins and i believe they were both at home. I still think they need 2 win at least 2 games in the SEC tournament. This is a team that beat Mizzou and in 2 must win situations didnt show up against Arkansas and Georgia.

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Monster win for them

They need 2 in the sec tourny imo but this was a gutsey win. Fla was god awful down the stretch of the game and blew it.

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I think despite the fact that

I think despite the fact that they really don't have any key players back from last year they still will get the benefit of the doubt since they are the defending champs. As long as they have a decent showing in the SEC tourney which shouldn't be too difficult.

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I hear what you are saying

I hear what you are saying but I respectfully and slightly disagree. You are correct about the SEC tourny, but I think they will get anything BUT the benefit of the doubt. UK has to play themselves in, the NCAA wont give it to them easy, particularly since they will in all likelihood be a #1 seed next year....pencil it in.

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This team is officially

This team is officially bipolar...

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Loved watching that game.

Loved watching that game. Kentucky was fighting for their life. WCS is dominant

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Told ya so!

Told ya so!

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Florida seriously looked like

Florida seriously looked like they were point shaving and letting UK win for the SEC conference. Seriously, people were throwing it out on twitter to. I was sitting there looking around like is this really happening. Guys were missing easy layups and holding the ball till the end of the sc... It was weird, they didnt score in the last 8 min i think. The SEC has to be up to this, because UK was a bubble team. I hope not though. If anyone watched this whole game like i did, they would understand

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