Kentucky Team next year...Now with the addition of Wall.

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Kentucky Team next year...Now with the addition of Wall.

PG: John Wall
SG: Jodie Meeks
SF: Deandre Liggins
PF: Patrick Patterson
C: Demarcus Cousins

Daniel Orton
Eric Bledsoe
Jon Hood
Perry Stevenson
Darius Miller
Darnell Dodson

All i can say is wow.

I mean if u put Orton Bledsoe and Hood in one recuiting class u have a very good one but now they are bench players. Simply amazing. To bad Xavier Henry u could have won a championship and gone on to be part of the best recuiting class. and the only school to have three players selected in the first 3 picks in the draft.

What more can u say about this....Kentucky will have every single game on T.V this year, and they aint stopping next year already in line to have another amazing group coming in and the year after that.

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Calipari in my opinion is the best recruting coach. He had all these guys going to Memphis, changed their minds to go to Kentucky. He built Memphis into a powerhouse in Conference USA. Now he is building Kentucky back up to an SEC and National Championship contender. Great job coach calaipari!

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all i can say

Wow. Although im not saying there winning a NC, he will make this team a National Championship Title team.

My Prediction- UK vs KU. National Championship game

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Meeks and Henry
Meeks has yet to make a decision.

Actually Xavier Henry might be in a better situation to win a championship at KU than UK. More proven players and returning stars (Aldrich and Collins) Kansas is likely to be #1 preseason. Kentucky will be top 5 but even with Meeks they don't have the experience and depth of Kansas.
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Having too much talent is

Having too much talent is not always a good thing, whose going to be selfless, whose going to think about winning instead of their draft stock. He has 3 lottery picks on his team, and one potential first-rounder in meeks if he returns with two other 5 star players and jc all-american. Their going to end up like Uconn in 06, all that talent and everybody wants to be the man but when the pressure come no one will deliver.

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dont crown them already

let them start the season first

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Should win the hole thing running away

NCAA tournament though, does not allow you to have a bad game. One and your done.

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Buy a coach for obscene

Buy a coach for obscene amounts of money who in turn brings a stacked team of one and doners
with zero academic accountability. This is just a shameless and disgusting propping up of a once proud program that couldn't get recruits based on tradition alone.

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the best linup would be

wall at pg meeks at sg cousins at sf patterson at pf and orton at 5

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im not sure we can "crown"

im not sure we can "crown" them champs just yet. Kansas is pretty loaded as well

PG- Sherron Collins vs. John Wall
SG- Tyshawn Taylor vs. Jodie Meeks (if he comes back)
SF- Xavier Henry vs. DeAndre Liggins
PF- Marcus Morris vs. Patrick Paterson
C- Cole Aldrich vs. DeMarcus Cousins

Brady Morningstar - Daniel Orton
Mario Little - John Hood
Thomas Robinson - Eric Bledsoe
Markieff Morris - Ramon Harris
Elijah Johnson - Perry Stevenson
Travis Releford - Darius Miller

I think you have to give the advantage to Kansas at PG as of right now and also at Center because Cole Aldrich is easily the best center in college basketball. Kentuckey has better SG and PF and i think the SF position is up for grabs, but i think Kansas is better in that regard. I also don't care what you guys say, but Kansas has the better bench. Markieff Morris and Thomas Robinson are monsters on the boards, and Quintrell Thomas, a freshman last year from i think St. Anthony's in NJ, may step his game up. I would take them over Daniel Orton and Perry Stevenson. And Kansas has easily the most stacked back court out of any college basketball team. To go along with the three starters, they have morningstar, little, johnson (5 star recruit) and releford. that's 7 quality to very good players.

IMO, Kansas is the best team in college basketball

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