Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Will Pope start this year for Detroit? What will his numbers look like if he starts? What will they look like if he comes off the bench?

Pope strikes me as someone that might end up being better at the pro level than he was at college; kind of like Klay Thompson. Pope is probably not going to be as good as Klay but who thought Klay would be as good as he has been? Athletic shooters with size are sometimes better at the pro level than they were in college becasue there is more spacing on the court.

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If Calderon comes back to

If Calderon comes back to Detroit, then Pope's role will be far more defined and more likely to be successful.

If Calderon bounces, and they don't find another PG, then Pope's rookie season will come with added pressure. He'll have to play off of Knight, which will be a dysfunctional tandem to say the least.

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