Kent Bazemore

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Kent Bazemore

Watching this Summer League game where Golden State was down by 14 in the mid-4th then came back to win by 3, I came to the realization that Kent Bazemore has been good this entire Summer League. Granted he's 24 and has NBA experience (last season), but what are the odds he gets playing time on a perimeter that is stacked with All-Stars and future All-Stars?

He's been averaging 18 PPG, 6 RPG, 3 APG while shooting 45% FG in four games, going 4-0.

He's a 6'5" guard with a 6'11" wingspan and has had his fair share of highlights last season:

You can see him in the top-left corner, he's usually the first guy to jump and do something silly.

Anyway, will he make any kind of impact next season for the Dubs?

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Bazemore is a good defender

Bazemore is a good defender with a solid frame for a SG and a great wingspan like you mentioned. His offensive game is still a work in progress but he has shown improvement during summer league. I think we'll have a better idea about what his role will be next year when training camp starts. No question he's the type of guy who fans, coaches, and teammates root for to succeed.

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Saw him play a lot

in college at ODU. He seemed like kind of a late bloomer type to me that really made progress his junior-senior years. It wouldn't surprise me if he still had room to grow.

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He wont get much time because

He wont get much time because of Iggy's versatility but he has the skills to have a Courtney Lee type career (not comparing skills, type of career) and he is a great chemistry player

Curry - Machado - Nedovic
Thompson - Iggy - Bazermore
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You forgot they have Douglas

You forgot they have Douglas now.

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His defensive ability got him

His defensive ability got him on a playoff team as an undrafted rookie. That was impressive, and it seems like he's worked on his offensive game since l saw him last summer. That's a smart move because being a good defender will make you valuable defending wings in practice, but to get more PT adding new aspects to your game will make you more poised to get a 2nd contract.

Paying a guy 400,000 dollars to push Curry/Thompson/Barnes in practice and be a part of your team is easy, but a lot of young guys find themselves in Europe when their first contract is up because they dont' broaden their game and a team can pay another guy 400,000 a year to fill that role instead of paying out a 3rd year guy 900,000 or a million plus. Kent working hard on his game is gonna make a 2nd contract (with GS or somewhere else) seem more justified.

I'm rooting for Kent. I've always liked his style.

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