Kenny Kadji

Why is this guy not considered a 1st rounder??? Very good stretch 4 with good size and perimeter skills. He needs to work a little more on his post game...but this guy is better than Olynyk, Withey, and Austin imo. I think that Kadji could get on a roster and contribute right away.

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Why isn't he a first rounder

Because he's nearly 25 years old and doesn't have elite tools or numbers to compensate. He's definitely a 2nd round pick.

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Soooo Olynyk has elite

Soooo Olynyk has elite tools??? He lacks athleticism and he is not so skilled to the point he can jump right in the nba and be a significant contributor and has bust written all over him imo. Austin could very well be the next Anthony Randolph, and Withey looks like the next Jeff Foster. None of these guys are so talented u absolutely have to take them before Kadji.

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Olynyk led the NCAA in PER

Olynyk led the NCAA in PER and is a couple years younger than Kadji.

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Fun fact: Miami's top 6

Fun fact: Miami's top 6 players' average age is 22.5...with 4 out of the 6 23 years or older.

No wonder they ran roughshod over much of the ACC.

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while this is true...thats

while this is true...thats not the sole reason they did it. I cant give enough credit and praise to Larranaga. you have to know what to do with the players and how to get the chemistry. Frank Haith...who IMO is a horrible coach had the same players virtually. Look at what he has done with Mizzou after Anderson left him stacked. He left Larranaga with some good players and Larranaga knew what to do with them.

as far as Kadji, scouts dont love him because of his lack of athleticism and post game I believe. I dont get into the age thing too much, it depends on the team and their needs. if they need someone to step in right away, he can be a guy that can help. if he were more athletic...he'd be higher. but I agree he is a 2nd rounder.

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Don't undersell Olynk here..

Don't undersell Olynk here.. He's pretty Athletic and moves great for a 7 footer. He's years ahead of kandji (skills wise, not age)

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I went to a camp where high

I went to a camp where high school guys battled NBA players. I saw Kadji matchup with Jared Jeffries (as a HS senior) and he destroyed Jeffries off the dribble. That being said, the back has held Kenny back. He's hella old, but should be a late first round pick

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Na he's not even a first

Na he's not even a first rounder and as you can see from my name, i've watched quite a few games of his lol.

His post game is lacking tremendously and although he has a pretty good shot for a big man, it's not enough to call it a strength of his game.

Probably the best part of his game is the way he can use his shooting ability to go by his man around the perimeter and take it to the rim.

At 25, he can still improve a lot more which basically throws that garbage that he has no ceiling.

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