Kendall Marshall

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Kendall Marshall

I am a Suns fan and its been a rough year to say the least. What has been most disappointing though has been the progression (or in this case regression) of the young players in Markieff, Marcus, Beasley, and finally Marshall. The Marshall subject is something that really frustrates me as I have always seen him as Marcus Williams 2.0 something that makes my stomach turn every time I think about it! I would have liked the Suns to draft a wing like Harkless or Jones III but I talked myself into accepted Marshall... at first. He has been terrible to say the least and while he has had some bright moments, he doesn't seem to be a guy that wants to get better. He doesn't have that killer instinct. I just don't know if he'll ever get it but I'll continue to support him as long as he is a Sun. If any of you guys can tell me that I'm wrong about Marshall and that he is just having typical rookie struggles I'd be glad to hear them. I want to believe in Marshall, I just can't justify doing so after seeing him from Summer League to now.

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Grant it, I haven't watched

Grant it, I haven't watched him since he's been in the NBA. But "not wanting to get better, and lack of a killer instinct" are not things that I saw in Marshall while at UNC. He put UNC on his back the last part of the season due to Barnes' struggles. He started attacking the basket more, getting to the free throw line, etc.

I think that he is just going through rookie nervousness because the way you are describing him does not sound like who I watched at UNC.

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You're mistaken

I've followed Kendall Marshall closely. I'm a UNC fan, and he was one of my favorites to pass through. He's adjusting to the game and needs a bit more development time then the average college player. You'll see with time, that he'll slow the game down and show his amazing talent. No offense but it's not like the Suns helped him out with the talent they're displaying on the court. Maybe if they get lucky and get one of the top picks, they can pick up Nerlens Noel or Ben Mclemore and help him further improve his NBA game. Expect him to still shoot a low average for the next season, but he will shoot a respectable percentage in time.

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As a Suns fan I'm mad about

As a Suns fan I'm mad about Marshall because he's going to prevent them from taking Burke, who I think is going to be a star at the PG position.

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