Kemba Walker

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Kemba Walker

What do you guys think about his draft stock? His potential? Could he be a starting PG on a decent team? I think he's a quality backup point guard that can score in a Randy Foye mold.

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I like Kemba

He is going to be a quality back up for a team, he may start when needed kinda like Ty Lawson is for Denver remember UConn puts a lot of players in the league but most dont live up to their potential except- Rudy, Rip and Walter Ray,Kemba could be in their company if put in the right situation. Maybe New York in the uptempo style or Chicago behind Rose he defends better than Rose and is better for Chicago than CJ Watson

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Kemba Walker won't be in the League...

I feel even if he get's drafted 2nd round he's bound to get to get cut...He has no Pg skills and 5'11 combo guards don't work in the NBA..He's not as talented as Ty Lawson and has some maturity concerns too,,...If he can't play PG he can't play in the NBA...

He'll make a good living overseas though...

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I see him being like

I see him being like Sebastian Telfair at worst, and a T.J. Ford type at best. I think he'll have break out this year though with more responsibility and he practiced against the U.S. Select team, which will prepare him well for the season I'd think. Look for him to be more efficient as a player and less TO prone.

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He could suprise alot of

He could suprise alot of people and become Darren Collison.

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I actually went to school

I actually went to school with him lol...

But seriously I like the TJ Ford comparison. He is lightning quick, but being on the small side will always be a hurdle. If he can learn how to run the pick and roll and pick his shots, he can be a starter. The Defensive intensity is there IMO.

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