Kelly Oubre

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Kelly Oubre

You think of this guy?
I'm very intrigued by how far it can go.

I read that not playing at 100%, because he does not need to play seriously, to master

he's measured 6-6 or 6-7 with a 7-1 wingspan at the 2013 Kevin Durant Skills Academy

Comparison best case / worst case?

Which school is more likely to attend?

From 1 to 10 which is its potential?

From 1 to 10 which is his IQ level?

What do you think is his ceiling?

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He could be his class' James

He could be his class' James Young. Great size and length, good athleticism. Appears to have a solid IQ, He's a willing passer and he plays at a great pace. His game is pretty mature and smooth for his stage He wasn't highly touted early on because he was just a 6'4 shooter, but hit a growth spurt and started attacking the rim more so he's more of an all-around scorer now. Still has that sweet lefty stroke though. Needs to keep improving his handle. He's just one of many underrated wings in 2014 who could end up in the top 10 of the class with better potential than more highly rated prospects.
Potential is high, but he needs to put on weight and keep improving his handle.

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