Keith Appling

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Keith Appling

Before the season started I thought he would be a mid to late second round. This season did not help him whatsoever. He was always a little on the short side and the lack of a consistent jump shot. What he had going for him was his ability to run a team and be a true point guard. I'm guessing now the jury is completely out on him. I know he's been hurt but his last game helped Michigan State lose. Terrible ball control and questionable defensive tactics. I now see him going overseas to try and make a squad. I bet this wasn't what Izzo had in mind this season

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He really didn't do himself any favors coming back this year and playing the way he did. Congrats for him staying in school and all but man

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Honestly, I don't think this

Honestly, I don't think this guy has a shot at getting pick.

I've heard questions about Cleanthony Early (For not having an elite skill), DeAndre Kane (for being too old), and Scottie Wilbiken (Who apparently has no draft stock even though he's been great this year and I think could definitely be a good backup PG), and those 3 players are all way better than Appling.

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he was playing with an

he was playing with an injured wrist half the season... his shooting wrist to... guess no one bringing up how good he played at 100%

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