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I do not think Pope will be taken ahead, but If I had to take a player for my team, unless I'm the Kings or something, I would go with KCP.
On a complete side note: I want to point out that Kentavious is faster than Oladipo laterally, which makes him a good defender.

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How does him having better

How does him having better lateral movement have anything to do with him being a good defender? Defending is 80% effort and instincts and it's CLEAR that Oladipo will be a far better defensive player in the league than KCP. Just saying.

KCP may very well be a better overall player due to his well-rounded game but I'll still take Oladipo and his rapidly developing offensive arsenal and standout athleticism & defense.

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While I am a huge fan of

While I am a huge fan of Caldwell-Pope, I think Oladipo is about as close to a sure thing as there is in this draft. His elite athleticism with his intense work ethic will make him successful in the league.

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I'm pretty big fans of both,

I'm pretty big fans of both, and I think Pope is getting overlooked, but I'd say Oladipo is a little better with more potential.

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Yeah I really don't rate

Yeah I really don't rate Oladipo, I just don't think he has much upside as an offensive player, and if we learned anything from the 2012 draft it's that glue guys in the top 5 isn't a great idea (MKG). Teams that are rebuilding need two-way players.

I think KCP, Bazz and other players will all be better than Dipo, who will be solid, but never a star.

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Drafting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 2nd was a bad selection? Are you joking?

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No I'm not joking. You don't

No I'm not joking. You don't take a glue guy 2nd overall in a draft filled with franchise guys. MKG has NO jumper, that hitch isn't going away and it completely limits is ability to be a two-way player. Barnes was the better choice for the Bobcats, I felt that on draft day and I feel the same after their rookie seasons.

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MKG was a great pick.

MKG was a great pick.

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Overall, I still think

Overall, I still think Oladipo is just a better player than KCP and I would definitely take Oladipo first if I had the choice.

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I'm a huge KCP fan and agree

I'm a huge KCP fan and agree that he has a great chance of becoming a better player than Oladipo. Oladipo is a bit overrated. I think it is a horrible idea for the Bobcats or Suns to draft him since they need to be more concerned with offense and post scoring.

That being said, Oladipo fills more of a need for teams like the Pelicans, Kings and Pistons than KCP and thus will/should be drafted ahead of him.

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i strongly agree. victor is

i strongly agree. victor is very good and all but he just doesnt seem to be the ideal fit for a team in need of star power and talent.

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I have a hard time believing

I have a hard time believing KCP is a better player than Oladipo. Perhaps his tools look better on paper, but Oladipo just knows how to play the game. Oladipo may not be as good a shooter, but he is much better in the lane, can slash to the rim with or without the ball, is a terrific rebounder and is the best perimeter defender in this draft. Oladipo is almost certainly going to be the better defensive and transition player, and KCP will have to improve a good rate to be better in the half court, where Oladipo makes up for his sub-par jump shot with super-efficient attacking of the rim and plenty of offensive boards.

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I am not convinced

I am not convinced KCP is better than Hardaway Jr or Bullock. Oladipo is a smaller MKG with a little less upside, Which in this draft means he is going to go before any other SG.

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Oladipo less upside than MKG?

If Oladipo was 3 inches taller he would be the hands down #1 pick in this draft. He has all the energy, effort and aggressiveness that MKG has but is much more skilled and quite frankly just a better athlete than MKG. MKG and his no upside offense couldn't wear Victor's jock strap in terms of upside.

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I absolutely love this guy. I think he is overlooked because A) Georgia was pretty bad last season and B) he was really the only offense they had. The theory being "well of course he scored, he took all the shots", which to some degree I can see. On the other hand, I feel like you know what you are getting with him. A good to great shooter who also plays d and has good size for a 2. Not to take anything away from Dipo, but KCP's offense is way ahead at this point. Defensively, KCP averaged 2 steals per game to Dipo's 2.2. I agree that Dipo's intensity and work ethic are what sets him apart, but it all depends on the team and situation. Charlotte would be better off with KCP than Dipo, so would Phoenix. Dipo needs a situation where he isn't going to be counted on to be a primary scorer right away. He didn't have that role at Indiana, and won't be suited for that in my opinion. I love KCP going to Portland. Putting him on the wing, LA on the block or in p&r with Dame, and that is a hell of a three headed monster. Defenses are really going to have to be quick with their rotations and if he can knock down the open shot, Portland would be nasty.

I think KCP can establish himself as a top 5 shooting guard in the league within a few years, mostly because that position is one of the weakest. I like Dipo and he does have the dreaded "upside" over KCP, but at pick 10 if you're telling me I can get KCP or Dipo at the 2-5, it is a no brainer to me. Trade down and take KCP.

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Oladipo has lebron-like qualities

Oladipo is not close to Lebrons level but the fact that he works hard on his game and you could see his improvement at Indiana on his offensive game make me thing of how lebron just keeps adding new things. Oladipo wont light up the score boards like kcp prob would but hes better everywhere else and he has top ball instincts in class outside of Noel

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Oladipo is NOW better tha KCP

Oladipo is NOW better tha KCP, but in future them will be even for status Nba, reminds : Dipo = better Athlete and defense ;; KentCPope = points and leadership

Final - In thi weak draft : Victor Oladipo > KCP but in future Victor Oladipo = KCP

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