Kawhi and the Pacers

I think we all remember Kawhi Leonard's draft-day trade to the Spurs. He's become quite a defensive player in the L and is a much improved shooter from everywhere on the court. Gregg Popovich believes Kawhi will be a franchise player and eventually the cornerstone of the Spurs in the post Ginobili-Parker-Duncan era.

Now my question to Pacer fans, if you could take that trade back, would you? A future with wings like George-Kawhi would have been one of the best defensive-wing combinations in the L, throw in Hibbert down-low and you've got yourself 3 of the best defenders at their position.

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If the PG spot in Indy is the

If the PG spot in Indy is the main weakness and a major flaw in this team as it stands now, imagine how bad it would be if there was no Hill.

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I would still do the trade

I would still do the trade personally. Hill is a good PG for the Pacers system as both George and Stephenson are growing as all-around players and Hill is able to score off them. We didn't need another SF on the roster.

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Trading an unproven rookie

Trading an unproven rookie for a point guard, who fills your biggest need, isn't a bad trade. Kawhi is pretty solid but nothing spectacular.

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Does Kawhi become the player

Does Kawhi become the player he is now if he was put on the Pacers behind Granger and George?
The reason Kawhi is who is today has a lot to do with being coached by Pop and being around veterans like Duncan, Manu, Parker.

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Just one of those trades that

Just one of those trades that worked well for both sides.

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I guess Popovich's coaching

I guess Popovich's coaching along with the veteran leadership is what is helping him improve.

Now if Kawhi wasn't traded, the Pacers wouldn't be in the position they are now, the 2nd round of the playoffs but would they be a better team in the future than they are now?

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if I was the Pacers I would do the same trade. They needed a PG desperately and George Hill was a proven commodity in the league while Indiana already had Paul George and Danny Granger so exactly how much playing time he would of got would be unknown.

I think it was a win-win for both teams. Indiana got there PG and San Antonio got there future face of the franchise.

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