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I know it's no secret that the Spurs know how to run their organization probably better than anybody else. From top to bottom. Doesn't it seem like Kawhi Leonard is just gradually becoming their next superstar? I know a lot of his production comes from defenses playing more on Timmy and Tony but he just fits what the Spurs organization hangs their hat on so well. He's tough, versatile, plays defense, he's smart and it's obvious he takes coaching extremely well which is obvious in the fact he was practically a 0% threat from three point land coming out of college and is now a very good shooter. He has always known his role with these superstar veterans and has absorbed there input and basketball knowledge. It's just rare to see franchises who's success predicated on certain star players continue to carry over to new, young star players, all drafted and groomed by the same teachers and coaches. Again, everyone knows this about the spurs.

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