kasey hill

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kasey hill

so i was looking over the mock drafts for 14 and 15 and did not see kasey hill anywhere, does this mean they think he will stay @ florida thru his JR year? im thinking this has to be a mistake cause i would think this guy would go in the 1st round next year/lottery in 15

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I don't think Aran wanted to

I don't think Aran wanted to jump the gun just yet on him. Just to think Kabongo was considered a lottery pick right after HS, for what reason I still don't have a clue.

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I love Kasey Hill's game, he

I love Kasey Hill's game, he is so quick and fast but I agree with the previous poster.

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He's pretty small, Burke'

He's pretty small, Burke' size, but with elite athleticism. Definitely see him going lottery.

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