Kareem says Dwight has low basketball IQ...

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Kareem says Dwight has low basketball IQ...

Kareem has earned the right to be critical of players. He is the NBA's all-time leading scorer and an NBA champion. I don't necessarily agree with the fact that Dwight has a low basketball IQ. Kareem says that the most important muscle an NBA player has is between the ears. I have always been critical of Dwight Howard and think he's extremely immature and mentally weak. The fact that he has been in the NBA for 9 seasons and hasn't really developed all that much offensively is concerning to me. He is an absolutely abysmal free-throw shooter. His post moves, while much improved, will never be Kareem or Hakeem like. This is a put up or shut up year for Dwight. Kareem has every right to be critical of Dwight. Let's see if Mr. Howard steps his game up this year with the Rockets.

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haha ya kareem did his thing

haha ya kareem did his thing back in the ice age but dwight would BUST his a$$..these old dudes just dont understand what theyr saying

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Please tell me you are not

Please tell me you are not serious. Do you know who Kareem is?

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LOL, I'm a pretty big Dwight

LOL, I'm a pretty big Dwight fan (even with the way he left Orlando) but to say that he would bust Kareem's ass is ridiculous. Kareem is a top 3 center All-Time. Was almost 5 inches taller than Dwight (7-2 bare foot), was 240-267 lbs by the middle to end of his career and with modern day strength training and weight lifting would probably be over 270lbs. He was not only an incredibly skilled and long player, but also strong, aggressive (once punched out a player in the middle of a game), athletic and trained by Bruce Lee in martial arts.

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Ummm.... No. Remove the

Ummm.... No. Remove the 'Basketball' part from your screen name because 'Junkie' is all I see when reading this post.

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Surprise surprise, another

Surprise surprise, another horrible post by BBallJunkie. What's new?

Kareem is right. Dwight doesn't think the game well. He's just brute strength, athleticism and physicality. He does have some post moves but he doesn't fully understand counters and he doesn't have many counters either. He doesn't read double teams well and he's a poor passer passing out of the post. He also doesn't realize where his bread is buttered. Some of his main strengths are his mobility, leaping ability and ability to cover ground quickly. He's one of the best PnR targets and statistically one of the best PnR finishers in the game, yet he's admitted that he's reluctant to running PnR. He'd rather try to post up where he's less effective, clogging up driving lanes and slowing down the entire offense, reducing his teammates to bystanders. Unlike Dwight, Kareem COULD be the centerpiece of a championship caliber offense. He had the skill, he had the counters, including the ultimate counter and he could pick apart double teams with ease because he was a tremendous passer.

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A former Lakers center's

A former Lakers center's opinion of a former Lakers center? Seems objective.

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who is Kareem

Kareem Abdul Jabar (born October 22, 1976)[1] is an American professional basketball head coach for the Boston Celtics of the NBA. He was previously the head coach at Butler University in Indianapolis. A former basketball player, he grew up in Zionsville, Indiana, where he starred on the Zionsville Community High School basketball team, setting four school records. After high school, he attended DePauw University, where he played basketball and earned a degree in economics. He made the all-conference team multiple times and was a three-time Academic All-America nominee.

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Kareem not credible

And I say that not because of his accomplishments which are obviously a list longer than the Grand Canyon. I say that because of his history and because of comments he made when Dwight was traded TO LA.

Historically Kareem has criticized any big man who refuses to work with him. So this is nothing new. Secondly; when Dwight Howard was traded to LA; here are his quotes:

So you see....Kareem was very much into Dwight; that is until he chose to sign somewhere else and not accept his tutoring services.

The hypocrisy in Kareem's comments on Dwight on First Take is that Dwight has been working with Hakeem and now Kevin McHale. In fact before Hakeem Dwight worked with Patrick Ewing as well. But that goes unstated by Kareem. Simply because Dwight didn't want to work with HIM Dwight in his eyes doesn't have the mentality to get better. Also; if you read the quotes in the article he complimented Dwight's scoring...but now rips it. Why? You be the judge.

Lastly; Dwight's basketball IQ is fine... Is it Duncan like or at the level of Kareem? No...but most players are below their IQ levels in terms of how they think the game. But he is a smart player who is immature. Maturity and intelligence are not the same thing. If Kareem would have said Dwight is immature then I would agree. But when you say he's not smart on the court I question that. Why? Because in Orlando they made it to the finals partially because he was throwing the ball out of double teams to open shooters. So while he can improve in that area he has shown that he can do it well when placed in the right situation. Also being a great defender takes more than just takes the intelligence to know when and where you are supposed to be and when to help and when to stay home. It requires reading situations constantly.

This is more spoiled milk by another former Laker.

Bashing Dwight is popular and it's getting tired. Let this man move on. Stop ripping him for any and every reason. It's to the point where even the biggest Dwight critics will start defending him because folks are acting like scorned women.

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DH doesnt have low IQ

My personal opinion of this situation is Kareem is being bitter. Just because he was a great player and a winner doesnt make him right. He said Dwight HOward is not a dominant center, which Dwight has been consistently since he entered the league. Even playing in LA last year where he was unhappy, unhealthy, and had his shot attempts decrease, he still was the most dominating center in the league. He doesnt score as much as Kareem, Wilt, and and Shaq, but he scores at a high rate and defends at an even higher rate. Anyone who could even agree with Kareem saying Dwight is not dominant should just stop watching basketball, it's nonsense.
And since when has Dwight Howard became a low IQ player? Every team in the league wouldnt have chased after a low IQ basketball player the way they chased and begged Dwight. DH has been a Superstar since being in the league. Plus he's a winner. He cant shoot free throws, and relies mostly on his athleticism. That doesnt equal LOW IQ. People are upset with the way he handled some things over the last year and a half along with the way the media portrayed him to be. SO now people are saying everything negative they can to describe him. Before that, he was a fun, loving, great, person and a Top 3 player in the MVP votings.
Kareem is in his feelings because Dwight played a whole season in LA and did not acknowledge him, on top of leaving for Houston. They spoke ONLY ONCE and Dwight did not wanna talk basketball with him. I DONT BLAME HIM. Like Dwight said, he has nothing i common with Kareem. Kareem was taller than everyone and relied on his length and hooks to shoot over people. Dwight is shorter than almost every other center and relies on his Quickness, Power, and Athleticism. Thats why he works with Hakeem. Hakeem was a perfectionist at the style of play Dwight wants to become better at.
Kareem says it was easy getting Bynum and Gasol prepared to play against Dwight. No, it wasnt easy. LA just had the better team. They won 4-1, 2 games they won in overtime. Bynum didnt do anything that series. Nothing. Pau was great. 19pts, 9rebs, 2assts. But Dwight was great too! 15pts, 15rbs, 4blks, 2assts. LA won the series but its not like they won because they stopped Dwight.
Im sorry but that whole Kareem statement was nonsense to me. You can tell his feelings were hurt. He only said anything of this after Dwight said he had no reason to work out with Kareem. But thats just how I feel. Take it how you want to.

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