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Seems like Kansas is starting to hit their stride again, and at a perfect time too. For a while they were the favorite, and then that famous 4 game losing streak took them off a lot of people's radar. In a year where it is very wide open, is everyone hopping back on the bandwagon? Their combo of guard play with Withey givves them a pretty lethal combination, and its a team very capable of reeling off 6 wins in a row.

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With Johnson coming on lately

With Johnson coming on lately they are very dangerous. If both him and McLemore stay aggressive but don't take bad shots this team can beat anybody. They defend at an elite level and are pretty deep. They are easily a top 5 team to pick to win it all at this point.

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I know WVU isnt very good but

I know WVU isnt very good but they can usually put up a decent fight but Kansas made them look like a middle school team.. Withy makes it almost impossible to score in the paint, McLemore just needs 6 inches to think he is open and if you leave him, he is going to score.. The other seniors do a great job of complimenting those 2 and picking up their slack.

They should be the favorite to win it all...

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