Kaman For Felton Trade Idea

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Kaman For Felton Trade Idea

Knicks get a much needed big man while LAL get a PG in Raymond Felton that excels in Mike D'Antoni's offence.

Would this be a fair trade? NYK would probably need to add a small asset to this trade as Raymond Felton's contract is for 2 more seasons after this one and Kaman's is expiring this season.

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kaman 4 felton

I belive LA wont take a contract that expires on 2016 who wont help them long term. It seems like they relized that they wont be near of winning the Championship the next 2 seassons so they are trying to make Kobe happy (and making sure every NBA star sees that they take care of their stars) and have something to sell tickets while waiting for the 2015 class.

Also, NY's big need is at the PG possition. They have Bargiani and Stoudamire as their scoring but no Defense C/PF.

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Raymond Felton, Nick Young

Raymond Felton, Nick Young and Kobe Bryant on the same team though.

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Knick's won't

Knicks won't give up Felton now that Prigioni might be out for a while.

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