K-Love, LBJ contract question

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K-Love, LBJ contract question

With K-Love now in Cleveland and a having a player option in 2015/16, I wondered what the thinking is as regards his contract. Will he opt in for that season and then look for a 5 year max deal in 2016 like LBJ has said he intends to do or would he simply look for a 5 year max deal next summer?

I'm not suggesting either will jump ship despite them each having a 2015/16 player option, it's the timing of their new deals. If LBJ thinks he can get the best deal by waiting until 2016 to get a 5 year deal due to new TV revenue streams then surely K-Love would look to do the same, any thoughts?

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Kevin will opt out after this

Kevin will opt out after this year and sign a 5 yr max. Given his injury history he definitely shouldn't hold out another year. LeBron will opt in to the final year on his contract, but threw that little one year option in there to keep the media going crazy asking where he will go. They both get max contracts and LeBron's might take up more of the cap, but Gilbert will spend everything to get a championship to Cleveland.

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Well said....+1

Well said....+1

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If Kevin Love lays off the knuckle push ups he will be fine health wise. Thst being said you always take the guaranteed money.

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