K-Love for 1st?

Cavs get Kevin Love and 26th pick

Wolves get 1st pick and Tristan Thompson

Cavs roster:
Kyrie Irving/Lorenzo Brown (26th)
Dion Waiters/CJ Miles
Alonzo Gee/Giannis Adetokoubo (19th)
Kevin Love/Marreese Speights
Anderson Varejao/Tyler Zeller

Wolves roster:
Ricky Rubio/Luke Ridnour/Jose Juan Barea
Ben McLemore/Alexey Shved
Andrey Kirilenko
Tristan Thompson/Derrick Williams/Dante Cunningham
Nikola Pekovic

Minny can draft Alex Len or Shabazz Muhammad (9th)

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Cavaliers fans are obsessed

Cavaliers fans are obsessed with Kevin Love and desperately want him. And, your trade seems OK and is somewhat beneficial to both teams.

However, I just don't see Minnesota shipping Kevin Love out. Kahn is no longer the GM, so the crazy decisions won't happen as often. I don't think it's coincidence that Minnesota sent Kevin Love to represent them at the draft lottery.

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K Love being there was a sign that's he is the franchise guy

But Keith Smart was representing the Kings and he could be fired at any point.

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If the Wolves were a bad team

If the Wolves were a bad team it might happen, but they are a two guard away from being in the playoffs if they stay healthy. I just can't see the Wolves trading Love or the Blazers trading Aldridge when both teams are so close to the playoffs.

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Let me give you Filp's

Let me give you Filp's answer...no. This franchise badly needs positive progress. I think Glen Taylor is tired of giving discount tickers for awful product.Trading arguably the best power forward in the league for #1 pick in a weak draft is a tumble backwards. This team was never together and Rubio took awhile to get back to himself. Love just wants better players around him. I think the Wolves will resign Pek and try to add Mayo. A lot is dependent on AK47. Personally, I can take or leave AK47. If you can guarantee me 82 games of him, he is worth 10 mil.

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like everyone knows its a

like everyone knows its a weak draft...if i were minny i wouldnt trade love for the 1,2,3 and 4th pick!

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If Love was on the block, which he's not, does he command more

than James Harden did. I say trade TT, no. 1 pick, Zeller, and next years unprotected pick for Love. That's a lot harder for Flip to turn down. K Love have missed a lot of games lately. I still don't think Minny would do it but I think that's a good starting point. Minny gets a back up for Pek who misses a lot games. Zeller is an excellent floor runner also and would be a better player with Rubio at the point.

James Harden - Kevin Love
Kevin Martin - Tristan Thompson
T.O pick - 2013 No. 1
Future first (teens/20s) - Next years top 3 protected pick or a swap, Sac protected pick
Jeremy Lamb - Tyler Zeller

Technically Love is more of a proven commodity than Harden was at the time of his trade. However Harden gave his team one more rookie contract year versus Love is already at market value max money. Harden is locked up longer at five years after this season while the team trading for Love only gets two guaranteed years before Love player option year. What helps the case for Love is that most fill Houston ultimately won the trade which would leave GM's in this position to feel that a whole bunch of talent, young players, picks and cap relief and a solid vet still isn't enough for a star player.

I would love for the Cav's to get Love but why would Portland or Minny trade a franchise cornerstone?

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