Jusuf Nurkic

Any the euro members can tell me what you guys think of Jusuf Nurkic ?

He is compared to Pekovic, but I see a lot more Demarcus Cousin in his game. Phyically he stands around 6'11, and weighs 285lbs. Athletically he isn't much of a leaper, but isn't slow footed.

Like mostly all young euro players he is only getting spot limited minutes playing under 20. However, he puts up good numbers putting up near point per minute.

He is young too only 19. I think Both Marc and Pek didn't get in NBA until age 23/24.

I read that the league he plays in is a much stiffer competition then the NCAA. His current teammates also are 3 former major conference NCAA player Nolan Smith, Allan Ray an Goran Suton.

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Should be interesting to read

Should be interesting to read more into him as the draft day gets closer. I want to know if Nurkic and Capela are for real.

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Draft Express seem to think so.

They have him ranked at #11 in their mock, between Saric (#9) & Capela (#13).


Nurkic only plays 16 minutes per game at the moment due to foul trouble, youth, conditioning issues and his team's style of play, but is making the most of his playing time in a major way, posting 13 points, 5.6 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 0.8 blocks in that span, shooting 63% from 2-point range. His per-40 minute production has been outrageous in turn, at 33 points, 14 rebounds, 4.1 steals, 1.9 blocks and 11.7 free throw attempts—helping him lead the Adriatic League in PER by a wide margin at 44.5 in the early going.

From DraftExpress.com http://www.draftexpress.com#ixzz2xtuKlBYO

This was taken back in November, but those are very impressive numbers. This site currently has him 2nd round, if he does slip that far someone is going to be very happy. Personally I can see anywhere after the top 12, depending on team needs, but probably mid to late 1st.

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I didn't know DE had them

I didn't know DE had them both ranked so high.

I just been trying to figure out who the Celtics are eyeing, I know they want a legit center. Also I have a feeling Rondo will be traded on draft day, and they might pick up Eflrid Payton replace him.

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He is good at the ft line

He is good at the ft line (70%) and he is very efficient in his limited minutes .
He has some post moves and is a solid scorer. His biggest problem is getting into foul trouble early . But as you said before he is only 19 and will probably fix that . Also his athelticism is average .
Other than that he actually is a really solid prospect.

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Dude has a ton of potential.

Dude has a ton of potential. Some team is going to scout him and fall in love with him so I think he will end up being selected as a top 15 pick. DE is super high on him and there is a good reason why.

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i think he is compared to

i think he is compared to pekovic because like him, even though he isn't very athletic, he is big(6'11 without shoes),long has good mobility and he knows how to use his body to create space using the jump hook to score with a quick release. that move is actually the same kevin love and demarcus cousins use in the low post to score.

to me, if he gains consistency in his shot, he looks like a clone of nenad krstic and by the time he is 22-23 he will score in bunches..

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I am not sure if he is a full

I am not sure if he is a full 6 11 without shoes on , more like 6'10. I watched at least 6-7 games this season and he looks 6'11 , 6'11,5 in shoes comparing to other players.
He is not undersized of course but he is not that tall (for a center) .

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Looks like more of big al or

Looks like more of big al or nick vucavic in terms of playing style, pack is different animal he is unique because of his strength which is other level...

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I could well see him going in

I could well see him going in the first round, his draft stock varies highly from site to site. I'll take a middle view of him and peg him between 20 and 30. If he would come over straight away, someone could take a flyer on him or see him as a useful stasher.

My team Phoenix has numerous picks but we have a lot of young bigs so I cannot see us stashing another. Boston have a young big already stashed in Lucas Nogueira, Charlotte have a lot of young bigs (24th pick via Portland being considered here). Miami would want a proven guy or they trade out I guess, Clippers might consider him and the Spurs lurking at 30 have stashed more European players than any other team often with great success.

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