Just a Thought...

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Just a Thought...

Blake Griffin's sophomore season was very similar to Michael Beasley's freshman season so i was just wonder does anyone think blake would have a similar rookie season like beasley did?? Beasley didnt have a horrible season but at times he would be a little inconsistent or do ya think blake's size would benefit him more or do ya think his lack of range would hurt him??

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that depends

that totally depends on what team drafts him.

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I think their games are different

Griffin will come in and try to get his on the inside his first few years (that's his strength) and he will have to develope his perimeter with time (like the mailman). Beasley is more of a perimeter scorer (more than I thought he would be) and he is going to have to round out his game by getting inside more with his offense (he has the length, hands and explosiveness to score effectively inside 15 feet)

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There is a size difference

There is a size difference and also, Griffin is a sophmore and also he may be a little bit more mature than Beastley and has a better support system. Beastley has him beat on natural scoring talent though.

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