Just sitting here remembering...

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Just sitting here remembering...

Just sitting here thinking about how many nba titles I won as a kid. Most of which came in game 7 where I hit the winning shot. Of course im talking about my drive way aha and just remembering spending hours nightly by myself just dominating the "league". Great times anyone else do this? ah

Memphis Madness
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Ever hit a Game 6 Ray Allen

Ever hit a Game 6 Ray Allen shot, back peddling to beat the buzzer?

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You r crazier then royce

You r crazier then royce white,rodman,ron artest and ted nugent put together

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I think everyone did.

I think everyone did. 3....2.....1...... *clanks off rim* "but he gets the rebound"

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3..2..1.. *clank* "I got

3..2..1.. *clank*

"I got fouled, 3 free throws"

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Oh god.. I thought I was the

Oh god.. I thought I was the only one.. Honestly having a great imagination like that made my childhood a lot more fun.... Luckily now I can safe myself the embarrassment as I'm much older and can just do My Player on 2K.

the I in win
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never, not once.

never, not once.

Ang Puti Lalaki
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mine was...

down by one
1 second to go
the opposing team only had to inbound the ball and they won

i defected the inbound pass and it goes into the basket for the win!

but that was when i was 7

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No, I was always too good and

No, I was always too good and my team was always up by 30

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