Just to shu everybody up

Kurt Rambis is not going anywhere .

WE is gonna draft Derrick Williams because Beasly is gonna leave Minnesota cause we is not gonna play him 60 million. Like Kevin Love. Or anything that high cause we dont need him like that.

We can go with Derrick Williams more cause he is the same as Beasly right so why not draft a Beasly , and knowing he is gonna be under the rookie contract instead of a high paying contract . We dont need to be under the cap cause of Beasly and we not gonna be winning games like that also he doesnt play good defense so why keep him. When Derrick Williams work hard on both ends of the court.

And for people saying negativity for Williams saying he is slow. And his shoot realese is too slwo and its gonna be blocked in the pro"s . One word for yall Offseason. He has enough time to work out and get in more of a athletic shape. He has the bounce and the handles and the strong post moves.

Plus Beasly is are only true bait we can real in true core players it wont mess up are chemistry with this team. Cause we gave up nothing in return for Beasly . Only Second Round Picks. And by tradeing Beasly we would be better to run the triangle offense without him. Williams post ups will set up alot of plays for him to dish out to one of are shooters . Like Wesly Johnson,Martell Webster,Kevin Love,Wayne Ellignton,Luke Ridnour,Anthony Toliver,. Also FA's is gonna have J.r Smith , Marcus Thorton, Samuel Dalembert, or draft Klay Thompson/Alec Burks/Tyler Honeycutt/or Chris Singlton with are grizzles pick

I say we trade Beasly for a draft pick for next season maybe to the clippers cause they need a SF. Anyway. Im just saying.

Rotation: * are if's and maybe's if we draft them.

1.Ricky Rubio, Luke Ridnour,Sebastian Telfair

2.Wesly Johnson,Martell Webster,Wayne Ellignton,*Klay Thompson*,*Alec Burks*,*Tyler Honeycutt*,

3.,Derrick Williams, Lazar Haywood, *Chris Singlton*

4.Kevin Love,Anthony Randolf,Anthony Toliver

5.Darkio Milic,Nekio Polv.


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