Is Julius Randle A Future All Star?

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Is Julius Randle A Future All Star?

I know Juilus is a beast in college, and putting up mind blowing numbers. I do have some concerns through about his height and length at 6"9, too left dominant, bullying his way to the basket.

I'm not quite sure he's that franchise guy that can put a team on his back and can average 25ppg in the nba night in and night out. Is he that guy? Or do you feel he will get exposed...

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1.He's only 18, he has a huge

1.He's only 18, he has a huge amount of time before he's considered a bust or not living up to certain expectations.

2.Not too many good players in the league are averaging 25 per game, as there are only 6 players currently averaging 25 or more per game, he might, but if your looking for him to come right in and average 25 your going to be highly disappointed.

3. No one can tell the future, he could be a franchise type player, he could be a solid role player, or flame out the league who knows, wayyy too early to tell, but as of now he's a top 3 pick and pretty damn good for an 18 year old and has alot of potential.

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I was not applying that he

I was not applying that he can average 25ppg right out the gate of his rookie season. I would just wondering people's opinions of him because he's hard to project...

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Original thread.

Original thread.

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I agree with what the poster

I agree with what the poster is alluding to.

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No way to know either way.

No way to know either way. Maybe he will struggle against the larger bodies in the NBA, like he did in the first half of the Michigan State game going up against Payne before Payne got in foul trouble. Maybe, because he is so young, we learn how to deal with these larger bodies and thrive in the league.

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He's going to really need to

He's going to really need to learn some post skills if he's to succeed. This is where Calipari hurts him. He will be used to his strength, bullying through the post, which add of now will not be a strength in the league. He doesn't have the strength or athleticism to dominate right out the gates.

I don't know much about his work ethics in practice, but he needs to seriously work on his game.

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Have you watched him at all?

Have you watched him at all? He has an advanced post game, better than 80% of bigs in the L right now.

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There is a big middle ground

There is a big middle ground between averaging 25 ppg and being "exposed." If the expectation is that he becomes a 25 ppg, people will almost certainly be disappointed, as big scorers are becoming rarer in the NBA. It is way too early to talk about him being in the league of James, Durant, Anthony, Love, etc.

Randle has tremendous strength and a very advanced post game for his age, but he will have to add a jump shot in the NBA, as nobody can score just on the interior in the NBA without a serious size advantage. Still, Randle's physicality and willingness to attack the rim and not settle for jumpers is clearly a positive, and, while he doesn't have the prototypical game of an NBA all-star, he certainly has as much potential as anyone his age not named Wiggins or Parker.

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I know it's early, but I

I know it's early, but I think he will. His motor and his ability to hit the defensive glass will definitely translate to the NBA, and his array of post moves will give him options if he's met with a more imposing defender. Right now, in an NBA scenario, he'd get abused defensively, and he would struggle against bigger/longer players ( He did a lot better against 6'6'' Brandon Dawson, and struggled at times against 6'10'' Adrian Payne ) but it's absurd to think he won't improve.

I think he'll continue to gain confidence over the season, and although I don't see him being a good defender by his first NBA game, I look at a guy like Blake Griffin, who came in a horrid defender and has slowly improved over his first few seasons. Julius has Griffin's length; however, he doesn't have Blake's athletic ability.Still he's a very good athlete in his own right. Randle isn't going to be a defensive stopper, ever, I think, but I think he can at least be average on that end in a few years, and with his motor, rebounding, and post skill, I think you have a player who could potentially be a 20 ppg 10 rpg player in his prime.

Randle could probably average 15 ppg off the bat as a rookie next year. I think his chances are good he'll make at least a couple All-Star teams. I like what he does, and although he's not a complete player, I have no reason to think he won't get better. It took improvement on the defensive end ( he's still not great, but he's better) for Griffin to gain recognition outside of his dunking, and I think Randle will fall in that same boat, but yes...I think he's going to be an All-Star.

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No way to tell, but if I were

No way to tell, but if I were to guess, yes I think he will be a future allstar (perennially).

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He will absolutely make at

He will absolutely make at least a couple of all-star teams. He has the kind of potential to be a perennial all-star even. His perimeter game is good for a big man, he is spending too much time trying to operate on the perimeter when he needs to realize that he is truly gifted as a post player. Im not comparing him to Mike Beasley as a player, but you can draw some parallels between them in that regard. If he tries to play the same way in the league that Mike Beasley does, after dominating inside as a collegiate player, than it will limit his effectiveness.

He has tried to battle double teams thus far when he should just kick out to an open shooter, but he will mature with more playing time I'm sure.

He will average numbers similar to Greg Monroe his 1st year in the league.

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yes, he will. I think he is

yes, he will. I think he is a future superstar...even though his superstar status will hinge more on his exciting style of play rather than his actual value as a player. there are a lot of comparisons for him but I look at him as a souped up frenetic Lamar Odom. if he is that good....that will be enough to get him into a few All Star games.

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He has played 2 or 3 college

He has played 2 or 3 college games so far and has looked awesome out there...he is definitely on track to be a future all star..time will tell, nothing is gaurenteed

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Randle looks a likely top 5

Randle looks a likely top 5 lottery pick next year and to justify being picked that high we would hope he'd have the upside to develop into an All Star. But to predict this nearly a year before he likely plays his first NBA game would be pure guess work and firstly I want to see him have a good college season to justify his mock draft position and then he has to find his feet in the NBA.

There are some many intangibles such as which team drafts him etc, also this site lists his comparisions as Jamal Mashburn and Larry Johnson two highly talented players who both had their careers cut short by injury. I hope that the same sort of thing never befalls Julius.

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