Jrue Holiday

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Jrue Holiday

I'm a fan of Jrue and i'm happy he had a very good season... i think he could be one of the 5 best PG... but what happened in last 3 games? 11/55 fg, 0/9 threes... is he simply tired?

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No big deal.

Everybody has bad stretches, nothing to get worried about.

Just look at Tony Parker. Dude's shot 32% from the field over the last 3 games. I am worried? No, he's just going through a rough patch.

There no denying Jrue's talented. He'll get through it.

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Jrue is real good but I think

Jrue is real good but I think he's more of a 2nd option than a true #1 (think along the same lines as Ty Lawson)

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Jrue contributed 8 assists to

Jrue contributed 8 assists to a good Philly win last night and Philly have won 4 out of the last 5 so any off scoring days are not really affecting his team. With Bynum not having played all year he has had to carry the 76ers a lot and has played the 5th most minutes of any NBA player this season so he may well be getting a bit tired but he has had a great season.

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Holy sh!t, he shot 2-24

Holy sh!t, he shot 2-24 against the Bobcats and had 5 points. That's got to be one of the worst shooting performances I've ever seen.

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