Jrue Holiday

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Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday turns the ball over at a frenzied rate....

- Still a good shooter

- Looks to be a pretty reliable 1 on 1 defender still

- Has to have put on some weight - looks like hes about 210 lbs right now


But God almighty he's careless with the ball, he turns it over frequently and looks like his confidence is rattled beyond repair

He has 3 turnovers through 7 minutes tonight and SHOULD have had a 4th but they gave him a bail out call with a jump ball call after a nice pick by Oladipo...

And he had 17 turnovers his previous 4 games including 8 against the Wizards

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He didn't look good going

He didn't look good going against Oladipo's ball pressure. He has never had the best handle for a PG, but he has had some particularly bad games this preseason. Hopefully he gets it together, as he has an excellent all-around game and now is getting a chance on a better team.

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He's a very solid PG, in the upper half of the league in terms of starters.

Here's a quick look at his Hollinger report:

+ Good shooting combo guard with excellent range, but is too perimeter-oriented
+ More of a scorer than a playmaker; turnovers become an issue when he tries to do too much
+ Can guard either backcourt position and works hard on defensive end

The only thing that bothers the heck out of me is when I look at his advanced stats. Do you know who he compares to the most in the league? Kemba Walker. Then I look at Holiday's contract and go AYUGH (is that even a real word?). Jrue is making close to $10 million this season, 3 times more than Kemba. I hope his production can keep up with the amount he's being paid, because he's got all-star potential. He just really needs to work on his distribution and ball protection.

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Turnovers and consistency are

Turnovers and consistency are clearly his two biggest issues...he was an all-star last year but had a poor second half and appeared to wear down. Maybe he will be better this year not having to carry as much of the load.

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I've been more impressed with

I've been more impressed with Brian Roberts than Jrue Holiday so far this pre-season. Not say Roberts should start, but he's looked a lot better than Holiday.

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I mean realistically, he was

I mean realistically, he was a good player on a mediocre team last year who took more shots and handled the ball more than he did in the previous years on the team. His efficiency was still the same and he had roughly a 2.14 assist to turnover ratio which ranked 43rd in the league. He took 16.5 shots per game last season which is only behind Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook for point guards. There is no way he will shoot that much this season.

I will not be surprised if he regresses this year because he will no longer be "the man." Ryan Anderson, Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans and especially Eric Gordon will all have their touches and are better scorers than anything Holiday had in Philly last year.

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thats true and i completely

thats true and i completely get that there will be a completely different pecking order in new orleans as compared to philly, but if the pelicans run the same kind of offense as they did last year with the amount of times Vasquez actually held the ball, then we could end up seeing Jrue repeat what he did in the first of the season last year for a longer period of time this season.

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haven't seen any preseason

haven't seen any preseason games, but jrue is legit. I wouldn't disregard his all-star caliber opeformance last season based on this pre-season. He probably is just playing loose right now in pre-season. The guy is one of the best defenders at the pg position and can get where he needs to go on offense. He averaged 18-8-4 last year and plays both ends of the court.

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I agree, he is a great

I agree, he is a great ballplayer but he has been carelessly turning the ball over. But he is still young, and has a lot of time to develop, so I think he will figure it out and improve.

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Big TO games in the preseason

Big TO games in the preseason can skew the numbers bc of the small sample. That being said, I just think he tries to be too cool with the ball. He plays with a calm demeanor, but you have to play with a little bit more urgency and think faster when you're under pressure, which teams have been doing against him in the preseason. He just needs to get rid of the ball earlier when he sees the pressure coming.
Outside of that, I think he looks fine. He's a still a really good player. His calm demeanor is good for the most part but it does have some drawbacks. Its almost as if he plays a little too relaxed.

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Keep in mind that he is in a

Keep in mind that he is in a new system and trying to make the correct reads and passes while dealing with crazy pressure from Dipo. Brie will be fine. He can ball.

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