Jr Smith wins 6th Man of the Year

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Jr Smith wins 6th Man of the Year

Congrats to JR.. well deserved. He had a great year

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Finally putting all that

Finally putting all that talent together!

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He had a strong year and really locked up the award with his play coming down the stretch of the season.

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As a Clipper supporter I

As a Clipper supporter I really wanted Jamal to win it but after the last month or so there was no denying that Smith should win it. Glad to see him finally getting the recognition.

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He's starting to put everything together

He's starting to put everything together, onward and upwards for Smith. This guy was arguably the Knicks' second best player this season, most certainly over the fading Studemire and over the steller Chandler in my opinion.

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Will knicks be able to resign him next year?

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I remember his rookie year, I

I remember his rookie year, I saw him and thought, "He has the talent to be the best shooting guard in the league." He had the physical profile of Vince Carter. He was fluid and had world class body control, as evidenced by his 360 alley-oop layups. He has great ball handling and above average court vision. And his jump shot with his feet set is a thing of beauty. His shot selection wasnt the best, but I think his coaching had the most to do with his inconsistencies. Byron Scott and George Karl aren't coaches you can argue with and curse at, and expect everything to be a-ok. Woodson takes the arguing, gives it back, then encourages. JR is playing with the confidence of his coach, and Jason Kidd in his ear on the bench has given him some real mentorship.

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