Josiah Turner to try out D-League

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Josiah Turner to try out D-League

Josiah Turner had recently tweeted on his Twitter account to a friend that he is going to try out the D-League, assuming that means he has already put his name into the D-League Draft on November 1st. Turner went undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft just as expected. Josiah Turner, once projected as a lottery pick for the 2012 NBA Draft from this website had a disappointing and troubled season as his first and last season as a collegiate player. After he was kicked of off Arizona's basketball team after his freshman year, he had committed to transfer to SMU and to play for Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown. Weeks after his commitment, Turner had then changed his mind and made the decision to go pro rather than sitting out a year. So Turner then signed with a Hungarian team then quit before the first regular season game to due "how uncomfortable he was" and that he supposedly was getting bug bites from sleeping in his dirty apartment complex. Was that really why he left there so soon? Who knows? But then he signed with a team in the Canadian League. After spending most of the same season with the Halifax Rainmen, he was waived by that team to what were most likely the same type of issues that led him to get forced out of Arizona. Turner was then picked up by another Canadian team where he came off the bench at first, then found himself a starting job and led his team to win the championship.

Josiah Turner obviously does have some natural talent, however his character has led him to a lot of downs so far in his short career so far. But the question is can his lack of maturity last in the D-League and will he have the talent to be good enough to find himself in the D-League? With me also being from Northern California and that I have played against people who have also played against him, I have been following him since his high school days and hoped that he would someday become the next big talent coming out of Nor Cal.

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Of all the recent bone-headed decisions to leave school early and enter the draft, his ranks up at the top. Maybe he's grown up; I'd like to think that maybe he's been humbled a bit by his experiences. But no matter how much talent he may has, no team will take a shot with him if he's a jerkwad.

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