Josiah Turner

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Josiah Turner

Saw where Josiah Turner was transferring from Arizona.

How is that going to affect Arizona's team next year?

How good is he? Averaged like 7 ppg and 2.5 apg last season

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Never heard of him. I don't

Never heard of him. I don't know.

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Rated one of the best PG

Rated one of the best PG prospects for the freshman class, he kind of fell off my radar, because I was more focused on other players, but I thought he could be a really good player. Silky smooth athleticism and from what I've heard a pretty good distributor AND scorer. I just know which ever school he transfers to gets a great player who was rated pretty high in his high school class. All he has to do is get his head together, because it seems like he has scuffles with his coach and was benched for quite some time.

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He wasnt very good last year

He wasnt very good last year but definitely had potential. This loss will be huge because they now have to move natural SG, Nick Johnson to the PG. Turner also had some problems off the court which led to this transfer decision.

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