Josh Smith a Sixer!!

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Josh Smith a Sixer!!

imagine that line up when healthy
Pg: Holiday
Sg: Royal Ivey
Sf: young
Pf: smith
C: Bynum

Thats a very good lineup when HEALTHY though

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Royal Ivey isn't exactly

Royal Ivey isn't exactly starting material is he? Giving up Hawes would have been tough with Bynum seemingly refusing to be healthy..

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uhhhh no

uhhhh no

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lool royal ivey, nough said

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Who would have thought Royal

Who would have thought Royal Ivey would be playing in the NBA in 2013 and Brandon Mouton and TJ Ford wouldn't? The fact that Ivey made it this long, banging in and out the League makes me wonder why one of my all time favorite college players, Ricky Moore of UConn didn't make it. The games and size was very similar. If you don't know who Ricky Moore is, he basically invented not wearing team shoes and always had shoes like a year before they came out and more importantly he locked down everybody much like Ivey at Texas..

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Thank God this trade didn't

Thank God this trade didn't happen!!! Turner for Josh Smith would of been a disaster, and throwing in a 24 year old 7 footer whose averaging over 10ppg this year would of been bad.

Besides the fact we can sign him in the offseason, trading Turner would of set the franchise back more years and made the Bynum trade even worse.

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