Josh Smith

Im sorry, I do not like this guy AT ALL, he thinks he's better than what he is...please ATL get him outta there.

Paul George is dominating ATL so easy they have no answer for him, only hope ATL has to be Indiana is Jeff Teague, they can't check him what so ever....but he has to stay aggressive.

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Haven't watched any of this

Haven't watched any of this game but the box score says that Jeff Teague is going off, I was always high on him coming out of Wake, hopefully ATL will stick with him as there PG for the future after passing on great players like Deron and CP3.

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I was high on Jeff when he

I was high on Jeff when he came out of Wake as well, he is killing Indiana Teague could do this every game if he didn't defer to Josh Smith, and stayed aggressive, but tonight he is able to play that way cause Smith was in foul trouble, Teague is a whole different type of Player when Smith isn't out there with him, he is tooo quick off the dribble and a monster in the open floor.

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Yeah Teague and Harris have

Yeah Teague and Harris have both really impressed me with their abilities to change speeds and blow by defenders to finish at the rim.

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Can't agree more about Josh

Can't agree more about Josh Smith. And statistically the only place on the floor he shoots respectable numbers from is underneath the basket

2012-2013 Season

At Rim: 77% on 5.3 attempts
3 - 9 feet: 39% on 2.6 attempts
10 - 15 feet: 27% on 0.7 attempts
16 - 23 feet: 30% on 3.8 attempts
Threes: 46.7 effective FG% on 2.6 attempts

So only 1/3 of shots can be expected to help his team offensively, from an efficiency perspective. Obviously some of those shots are end of the shot clock heaves but compare to Al Horford who shoots over 40% from everywhere on the floor and also converts 78% under the rim on 5.2 attempts

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ya, if a GM gives him the max

ya, if a GM gives him the max this year, they should be fired.

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It's always been frustrating

It's always been frustrating watching Josh Smith try to be something he's not....he's so talented, but just doesn't play to his strengths. Shot selection's always been his kryptonite

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They just have no one to

They just have no one to guard george. the guys that they do have are too small, like stevenson who is a pretty decent defender. other times you have kyle korver on him lol. josh smith is too slow to guard george. just a very bad matchup for the hawks. they have nothing going for them. on the other hand, it seems like knicks vs pacers are going to be one hell of a matchup. the heat are prob laughing at it cuz those two will prob have beaten the living daylights outta one another after that round.

any news on stephenson btw? the guy is very important to their playoff success this year, i hope he isnt out for too long but the fall looked like it hurt a lot lol

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Josh Smith

thinks he's a stretch 4, but he's really a short point center. He'd have been great in college, but he never went (Indiana was his favorite, damn you JS), and may have learned the game better before becoming a pro. Now its too late and he is what he is. He's talented, but not max talented. A 4/60 contract is all I would give him, and hate the last two years. He will probably get more than that, from a GM that will be fired shortly thereafter.

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I was so disappointed when

I was so disappointed when the Hawks didn't trade Smith at the deadline this year. I went to a Hawks/Sixers game a couple of weeks ago and you could tell Smith had already mentally checked out and was just going through the motions. The Hawks need to tell Smith to go find another place to play and go after a center which would allow Horford to play the PF spot. I hope the Hawks keep Korver and go out and sign someone like Al Jefferson to play C.

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He has already stated that he

He has already stated that he wants a max deal. Danny Ferry is not giving him a max deal. If somebody wants to waste that money, then they can have him. He is not as good as he thinks he is

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@FastAndFurious Speaking of


Speaking of Jeff Teague, do you think he'll be in Atlanta next season? How much do you think he's worth?

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