Josh Pastner needs to go

As a Memphis fan I was bummed when Calipari left, but excited that his protege Pastner was going to be taking over the reigns. Pastner was basically a coaching prodigy, running his own AAU team when the players on the team were older then he was, and studying under both Lute Olson and John Calipari. While he has been a excellent recruiter during his time in Memphis, he always gets completely outcoached in big games where the talent level is somewhat equal.

Over the last year 3+ years as coach he is 0-9 vs. ranked teams, 0-2 in the NCAA tourney and in big out of conference games (as defined by me) he is 6-17 with two of those against the same team in the same season.

I had high hopes for him, and like I said he has brought a lot of talent to Memphis, but he just flat-out can't coach basketball at a high level and he needs to go.

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I don't like him as a head

I don't like him as a head coach, but as an assistant coach or scout? Yes

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Not a surprise considering

Not a surprise considering who his mentors were. He's got the recruiting ability of a Lute or Cal, but unfortunately, he's a similar X's and O's guy. He's like Coach Cal without the ability to motivate, which, isn't much of a coach at all. Memphis looks like a poorly executing team on both ends. They're a step slow and they don't move with a purpose. Their screens are half-assed as are their closeouts. The guard play is atrocious too. Joe Jackson looks like he's regressed...and he looks depressed. On top of that, they look like a poorly conditioned team as well.

I'd give him a year so that his 2013 recruits still come in, but then I'd start looking at another coach.

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Memphis will be entering the

Memphis will be entering the Big East next year,there are so many good teams in that league..Pastner is going to have to show that he can coach....

I think if they fail to make the Tourney or go out in the 1st round..Pastner will be gone..They were close to Firing him last season....

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he seems like a really really

he seems like a really really good, smart coach but i mean he never wins. will barton, adonis thomas, wes witherspoon, joe jackson..etc.. and they couldnt even win 1 game in the tourney last year? yea id have to agree pastner needs to go..hopefully he is successful somewhere else but i think his time is up @ memphis unless a crazy turnaround happens this year

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Memphis is consistently one

Memphis is consistently one of the most athletic and talented teams in the country, and they have nothing to show for it. The offense is a complete mess because no one outside of Jackson and Crawford like to pass, and they only do it when they feel like it (not to mention Jackson had a lot of issues he needs to deal with just as a person). They lack shooters, and they miss assignments or make bonehead plays on the defensive end all the time. That has to be on the coach. It's so frustrating when you see glimpses of what they can do where they look flat-out dominant, and then they go 7 minutes without scoring. I know next years class is probably the best one Pastner has gotten, and I'm sure next year's Memphis team will be the most talented one they've had since Tyreke Evans was around, but I don't think Pastner will actually do anything with them.

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Memphis' team last yr had

Memphis' team last yr had talent and they underperformed at the beginning of the season... they lost there #8 rank... they have really fast hands and are really athletic... even last yr they weren't disciplined on offense... and they seemed to have to much freedom to do w.e. they wanted

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I'm also a Memphis fan and

I'm also a Memphis fan and I'm starting to agree. I like Pastner, he is a great recruiter and seems to be a pretty smart guy, but he is horrible in big games. There is no excuse for him losing pretty much every big game he has played since being the head coach with the type of talent he has had. While I don't think he is the only one to blame, his team has often times looked disorganized and unprepared. That is on him. I really hope he can get it together and finish the season strong, but if he doesn't, it might be time for him to go. You have to do more than recruit to be a head coach.

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I like Memphis back when it

I like Memphis back when it still had a State in the name and produced guys like Penny Hardaway, David Vaughn, and Lornzen Wright. Coach Cal set Pastner back with the one and dones and vacated games. Three years when all Cal's players bolt after one or two? Give him two or more years before you figure he isn't a head coach. Let him build the program in his image not play with a guy who can't win with out cheating's left overs. Also coach Cal is scared to play IU so that should tell you Memphis is better off without him.

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