Jose Rodriguez from Texas Southern

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Jose Rodriguez from Texas Southern

This kid named Jose Rodriguez that plays for Texas Southern is off to a hot start for his D1 career.He is a scoring machine with good size. They list him at 6'7 but I've seen him in person he is more like 6'6. Good athlete, not super athletic but isn't a slouch. Can score in every single way. So far this year he has scored 25 on Norfolk State,18 on Wiley college,11 on Miami,14 on FIU and tonight 29 on Texas Tech.Looked very impressive against Texas Tech tonight and tried to will his team to a victory against a high major team but came up short. One thing to take note about his scoring is he doesn't take many shots.Tonight was the first time he shot more than 11 shots this season.He still shot 50% tonight. Shooting 52% for the season thus far. Now I will be honest I'm pulling for him because he and I know some of the same people in our hometown.I'm from the Bronx,New York and so is he. His younger brother was murdered about two years ago, I know that was hard for him to overcome. Rodriguez always had crazy talent though. His High school class was 2011 I've seen him kill Doron Lamb before Doron left New york and Transferred to Oak hill. He also put up 37 on Findlay prep in high school when Tristian Thompson and Corey Joseph were there along with Nick Johnson being on that roster.He always has been a talented player with crazy scoring ability but never could put it all together due to his life at home. He had high major schools on him in high school but didn't handle his classwor.He went Juco and now is in his Junior year at Texas Southern. If he can keep his head together and continue scoring at a rapid rate I think he could get into the second round of the 2015 draft. I know the 2014 draft has to happen first but I brung this up because I just seen how well he played tonight and always remembered how talented he was when we were younger,and it's good to see him putting his ablities to use. Keep his name in the back of your mind people. He is a High level Low Major player.

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Coming from a small school,

Coming from a small school, he has a higher mountain to climb, but guys like kenneth faried, larry sanders, gary neal, steph curry, and damian lillard have made GM's appreciate mid-major top players more than ever

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