Jordan Williams

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Jordan Williams

lottery potential?

has a great start to Sophomore season, remind me Nene!

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he reminds me of Brian

he reminds me of Brian Williams who later changed his name to Bison Dele..Williams also attended Maryland ,then transfered to Arizona ..Williams was a good rebounder and had solid post moves like Jordan Williams..But Williams must've had the same doctor as Ron Artest and Dennis Rodman becuz he was a little WACKY..

He shocked everyone by retiring at age 30 and leaving almost 30 million dollars behind...

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19 & 12 is impressive and he

19 & 12 is impressive and he has big body. And almost shooting 60%. Still wanna see what he does against Duke and UNC vs NBA size and length

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Williams is a big body who

Williams is a big body who rebounds and can score down low, but he's a bad defender against quality bigs and will continue to be until he loses the excess weight he's carrying. He is stiff moving around the post on D, and he has no lateral quickness.

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i blocked him in high school summer league...he was going up for a dunk i got it from behind ;D


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