Jordan Signs With KK Hemofarm Vrsac

Jerome Jordan of the New York Knicks has signed with top European team KK Hemofarm Vrsac of Serbia.

His agent Kristina Andersen said by e-mail yesterday that "the Knicks still own his rights and he plans to join them in the future, but chose this route right now in order to ensure he receives a lot of playing time and continues to improve"

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A good choice, a better option than the NBDL in my opinion.

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hes got a girl agent???

hes got a girl agent???

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Yeah, first she'll get you the best deal possible...

Yeah, frist she'll get you the best deal possible and then blow you afterwards to celebrate.

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"Just some of the things I

"Just some of the things I wanted to do – or play my game, which is more aggressive and more physical -- I couldn't do it because I was limited strength-wise," Horford said. "And that was something I've been trying to deal with all summer is to try and get my strength back. I'm not 100 percent as far as my strength but I'm feeling pretty good right now."

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''We didn't execute as well

''We didn't execute as well as we should as a whole,'' said Bryant, who hit 9 of 11 shots in the third quarter. ''Hopefully we can get Dwight out there at some point and play together. The more we do that, the better we're going to be down the road. But in practice, we play quite a bit together. That's the most important thing for us, just to get out and play together.''

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Other than the visceral

Other than the visceral emotions that will come with seeing Allen in a Heat uniform for the first time, the Celtics and their fans now have every reason to move forward. Allen doesn’t deserve to be booed, not when you consider the situation facing him and Boston’s sharp response to his departure. Allen’s suggestion that the fans should boo the team doesn’t hold much water either: Boston’s management did just fine. All parties seem to have benefited by this summer’s series of events, everyone should go home happy, and no one deserves to be booed here.

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After missing the bulk of

After missing the bulk of training camp and sitting out the Rockets’ first three preseason games (two by coaches decision), getting integrated into the system is going to be a work in progress. In two preseason games with the Rockets this month, the rust from missing that much time was apparent as White failed to get any kind of a rhythm going in either contest. Tack on the overabundance of forwards (eight to be exact) jumbled together in Houston’s frontcourt and it might be tough sledding heading into the season for White.

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