jordan hill when he will chose for nba draft 2009

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jordan hill when he will chose for nba draft 2009

i am italian and i am fourteen,for this i don't speak english very well
can jordan hill,arizona's power forward, plays very well in nba,as chris bosh?

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No, he isn't that good. Most overrated in 2009 mock Id say, either him or Eric Maynor. He has really cool dreds tho.

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Filip you speak english

Filip you speak english better than half the users on this site. I'd also have to say Hill is overrated due to the fact that he's being compared to Bosh. He has a well rounded game though, and I'm sure any team would love to have him.

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Think Aldridge not Bosh

Although I don't think the Bosh comparisons are entirely true, I do see a future for Hill in the NBA. Hills 6'10 230 frame to go along the potential this kid has is frightening. In his Freshman season in 14mpg he averaged 4-4 with a block a game. Nothing special mind you, but in his Sophomore stint he improved his stats to 13-8-1-1-2 in 30mpg. In his Junior season Hills averaged 18-13-1-1-2 which for any fantasy owner are some pretty eye opening numbers. He's only gone one game this season without putting up double digits in points and has 10 20ppg performances. I think his overall development has me sold on Hill. I think he's much more of a Lamarcus Aldridge than a Chris Bosh, But I definitely see the potential in this kid. At worst case scenario I see him being a Ronny Turiaf in the NBA.

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Jordan Hill will be Tyrus

Jordan Hill will be Tyrus Thomas like. He doesnt have a very similar game to bosh, but will be a defensive presence and a solid rebounder.

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Jordan Hill

His ceiling is Chris Bosh but I don't know if he's got the IQ to reach it. He's not a scrub as some of you seem to think and he'll have a good future as a rotation player at worst and starter or All star at best.

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