Jordan Farmar: Starter in 2010?

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Jordan Farmar: Starter in 2010?

The Lakers are interested in bringing back Derek Fisher but where does that leave Jordan Farmar?

At 23 years old, Farmar has some good parts in his game. Although he has not been able to show all his skills due to his role with LA. Could the 2 rings play a factor for him? What kind of deal can he get? MLE? Could Jordan Farmar be a starter next season?

For Los Angeles, I think so. I believe Farmar will test the market.

What do you think? Does he stay in LA and does he start in 2010?

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Jordan Farmar is very good

Jordan Farmar is very good player, i don't know why he don't get more minutes, every time i saw him play he impressed me.

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He probably tests the market

He probably tests the market to make sure L.A. gives him a good contract. I dont see why he would want to leave. With fish getting older and only having maybe a couple good years left in him he should see more PT next year. But will he start infront of fish? That will be an intresting decision.

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He will test the market if LA

He will test the market if LA does not offer him a contract he will leave and he will get more minutes if he leaves. He should stay if Derek Fisher becomes the backup PG then Farmar will get the starting job. It just depends on how they play if Fisher is playing good and farmar is not Fisher will start if farmar is playing good and fisher is not farmar will start.

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I think hes gone, not sure

I think hes gone, not sure about a starter, but he could definetly get a much increased role in another city, you know hes learned alot sitting on a championship team for a few seasons, I wanna see how he produces outside of the triangle offense, but he could be a nice bench PG

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i think the lakers would like

i think the lakers would like to keep him for cheap, but if he wants the MLE theyll probably let him go and try and get felton. remember the lakers wanted felton when they took bynum. they would have taken him instead of bynum if he had been at 10.also they can get a more stable point cheaper than farmar as well. someone like duhon hes an above average passer,defender and shooter.

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I love Farmar as a backup PG,

I love Farmar as a backup PG, but not as a starter for a good team. Not quite a playmaker for others that I thought he'd becoming out of college and he's not talented enough as a scorer to make up for it. I think he'll leave LA though, but I wouldn't want Farmar as my starter if I wanted to be a good team.

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