Jordan Farmar rejoins the Lakers

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Jordan Farmar rejoins the Lakers

The Lakers are bringing Farmar back and are looking to bring Odom back too haha. Looks like they are trying to reunite the old Lakers. How do you guys feel about this signing? Possible future starter, or eternal backup?

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Bringin the band back

Bringin the band back together!!

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I've never been a fan of

I've never been a fan of Jordan Farmar, and I don't think he will ever be a starter in this particular league

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They are filling the team

They are filling the team with Vet min deals. Trying to fill out the roster so they can keep the books clean for next summer.... They are not trying to put a winning team on the floor

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He's a back up but he's a

He's a back up but he's a solid one. He was having a good yr in '12 before he got injured and he performed well overseas. If he can shoot the 3 at a similar clip he's been shooting it last couple of yrs, he'll be an asset and an upgrade over Darius Morris and Steve Blake. He's a bit more dynamic with the ball than Blake.

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Ha ha

In a earlier thead I joked about the laker being so desperate that the would try to bring back Farmar, Odom, Shasha vuicec (ok i have no idea how to spell it). And Smush parker.
Thank you.
This made my laker hating day!

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Heard the smush parker rumor.

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I wonder if he improved

I wonder if he improved overseas..can he actually help or will he be just another Duhon

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I wonder the same thing too.

I wonder the same thing too. Farmar would look really good at times and then he'd turn the ball over shortly afterward in an extremely ridiculous way. I do hope he's become more consistent.

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If he still has some

If he still has some quickness left in him I think he will be a serviceable backup to Nash, at least an upgrade over Steve Blake. All he needs to do is hit open shots and make the right pass and he is easily worth his contract.

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Better then Chris Duhon!

Better then Chris Duhon!

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Lakers should totally resign

Lakers should totally resign Fisher, you know just to make sure OKC doesn't again...please? Lol

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