Jordan Adams

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Jordan Adams

What does everyone think of Jordan Adams? He's averaging 22ppg and looks to be not just the best scorer in the PAC 12, but 1 of the best scorer's in the country. Does his scoring ability translate to the Next level? Or is he just 1 of those chuckers? Who does he play like? I know he's about the same size as James Harden and has a pretty similar body type as well. What's his potential at the next level?

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I really like Adams and think

I really like Adams and think he can be a lottery pick and a solid player at the next level. He's got good size, he likes to shoot from the outside but he certainly has the size and willingness to attack the basket. He's shooting 56% from the field this year and shot 45% as a freshman last year so he's not just a chucker. Keep in mind though that he started last season off really strong before fading.

On a related note, it's interesting to see how much better the UCLA offense flows without Shabazz there. Kyle Anderson, who I thought was useless last year, is looking like a triple double machine and freshman Zach Lavine (#44 according to Rivals this year) and sophomore Norman Powell have looked very good too.

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im still waiting for them to

im still waiting for them to play someone tougher. But, adams is a very well rounded scoring wing. Not a great ball handler but he can pull up on a dime so he doesn't need to get a ton of separation. Very strong for a sg. Above average defender. probably a 1st rounder whenever he comes out.

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He has good size for a two

He has good size for a two guard but without great quickness or handles he will struggle to get his own shot in the NBA. He has improved his 3 point stoke by 16% so far this season and through 5 games he is shooting 46% from downtown. If he continues to stroke it like that there will surely be a spot for him in the NBA.

He reminds me of a cross between Mikael Pietrus and Jordan Crawford.

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seems like a slightly smaller

seems like a slightly smaller Jordan Hamilton, except I feel Hamilton has a better offensive game.

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