Jonathan Isaac vs Brandon Ingram as prospects

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Jonathan Isaac vs Brandon Ingram as prospects

Just curious, who would be the better prospect this year if Ingram were entering this year instead. Would it be too far of a stretch to draft Isaac or Jackson with the first pick?

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Ingram is the better player a

Ingram is the better player a bit more polished, but Isaac has interesting potential and already is adding some size to his frame. I really see Isaac as an early career verison of Sam Perkins..

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I thought Ingram had the more polished game but in the NBA

Ingram is just being Dominated b/c he lacks that elite athleticism that enables players to just get that barely perceptible inch of space that is the difference between getting your shot of or getting to the Rim. And b/c Ingram does not possess that ability he is being rendered almost invisible at the Pro level.

We won't know until next season when Isaac plays at the Pro level but there are signs that even though Isaac needs development he will be the better Pro long term. Isaac Does possess that Elite quickness & he Does possess the ability explode to the rim.

How can anyone tell right now. Well last year there were signs that Ingram would struggle. For example, Ingram's FG% at the Rim - a Great indicator of balance & quickness under the physical pressure it takes to Get to the Rim was a lowly 57% - for context Kentucky 5'7'' PG Tyler Ulis had a 57% fg% at the rim. Isaac's fg% at the Rim is nearly 75%

The NBA is much more physical & you are Punished by grown men when you enter the lane but the NBA is also a more wide open League that rewards speed & penetration & FG% at the Rim in the NCAA is a good indicator for future success.

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You're being a little hard on

You're being a little hard on Ingram. He's the 2nd youngest player in the NBA, that has more to do with his struggles than anything else.

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The interesting thing to me

The interesting thing to me about Ingram is that his style of play is really well suited to someone who is very strong. He's currently the daintiest forward in the league though. If he can get slightly above average in strength, he will kill. He's gutsy and that gets him swatted a lot. He's never going to be quick, but length AND strength will get him great separation.

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Isaac is approximately as old

Isaac is approximately as old as Ingram so the comparisons we are likely to make are all unfair to Ingram.

Ingram is struggling in the Pros right now but it's the pros.

I like Isaac's profile more mostly because of the defensive end. He really is intriguing on that end with good instincts and probably a ceiling where he could guard 3-4-5 and be a poor man's Nerlens Noel (maybe a better rebounder depending on how he fills out his frame).

Ingram's playmaking ability was already more polished last year as an 18 y.o. though, so Isaac has a long way to go on that end.

They are similar in their size/length/shooting but the apparent upside is different imo, with Isaac needs more work and it's unclear if he has really the potential to become a go-to-guy, too raw, but the two-way potential and positional versatility is setting Isaac apart imo, as I believe he could even play the 5 at some point during his career.

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Ingram impressed me as a H.S.

Ingram impressed me as a H.S. player with his ability to be everywhere on the court. His speed is definitely one thing that didn't translate. When matched against the biggest and the fastest he just doesn't stand out as much.

Isaac reminds me of Paul George. If his ball handling improves like I think it will Isaac will own this draft.

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Isaac is listed as being

Isaac is listed as being around 30 to 40lbs heavier than Ingram so would probably be more physically NBA ready than Ingram is. I'd say that longer term Ingram has more upside, the guy is in his first year, he is learning the ropes and getting minutes under his belt.

If Isaac had been in last year's draft instead of Ingram I think he'd have had a legit shot at going at 2 and don't think he would have fell past Boston or certainly the Suns.

Likewise if Ingram was in this year's draft I think he'd have been a top 3 contender also. We'd have had him pencilled in for one of the potential Philly picks I bet.

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I thought in "today's NBA"

I thought in "today's NBA" physicality wasn't necessary. Physically immature players could still thrive. Seems that's not the case with Ingram right? He's been given every opportunity in the world by Walton and I think his slow performance gas more to do with his mindset than his build and skillet. Needs to grow up a bit.

To answer the OP knowing what I know now I would pick Isaac but judging by their college careers alone I would likely have them tied at this point with Isaac being more of a defensive presence and Ingram more offensive. Yet I would defenitely be leaning towards Isaac because he has shown an ability to be an explosive scorer and still has tournament play to improve.

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Just goes to show you how

Just goes to show you how much T-Rex knows about basketball.

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Rookie Wall

It looks like Ingram has hit the rookie wall already, and it knocked him flat on his butt. (Does anyone else think he looks Sweet AF?)

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Isaac can't possibly be worst than Ingram. I'm not crazy about Isaac though.

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Nothing has changed

Ingram is exactly the guy I thought he was. He's weak, he's lazy and doesn't have NBA range. He's a turnover machine with the ball. I'm so thankful my Sixers got Simmons. People thought my comp of Nick Young was bad predraft, but there is no change Ingram ends up being that good. He needs to at least become and NBA caliber 3-point shooter.

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