Jonas Valanciunas or Andre Drummond

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Jonas Valanciunas or Andre Drummond

If you were to choose one of the two players to build your team around would you choose Valanciunas or Drummond.

JV has a higher offensive cieling and definitely understands the game much more. He has the potential to be an 85% ft shooter. He had great size, length and mobility but he is not nearly the athlete or natural size.

Drummond has elite athletisism and size. He has shown stretches of dominance while playing confident with his strength and size. He is longer, stronger, faster, quicker and all around more athletic then 99% of the leagues bigs. Huge advantage on both ends.

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Honestly, I'd take a gamble

Honestly, I'd take a gamble with Andre Drummond. While I think Jonas Valanciunas can turn out to be as good as Marc Gasol (sans the passing ability), I think Drummond has a world of potential.

I think Val is the safe pick if you want a defensive anchor and solidly skilled big down low but Drummond has the potential to be the 2nd or even best player on his team. Not saying he's going to touch that potential 100% but I think he has a better shot at that than Val.

It is a high-risk high-reward scenario with Drummond and a safe and sound scenario with Val.

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I think people forget about

I think people forget about Kanter. I think he has a very high ceiling and is already skilled with size and deceptive athleticism.

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I'll go with Jonas

I'll go with Jonas Valanciunas. Because what he brings defensively and shooting ability. I think he shot somewhere in the mid 80's from the free throw line in SL. Andre Drummond likely has the most potential out of the young bigs with his size and athleticism. However he worries me if his game will pan out outside of his athleticism, and his stress fracture scares me because he is huge guy who is a high leaper.

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Jonas Valanciunas

Well i would have to go with Valanciunas for the obivious reasons: refined offensive skill set (still lots of potential for growth), above average rebounder and defender, excellent free throw shooter and possesses passion for the game which shows in his intensity of play (great motor).

Players with his offensive skill set dont have his intensity, players with his defensive ability, dont have his free throw shooting ability: just a well rounded player. Also just comparing their resumes, Valanciunas boasts 4 gold medals at his young age and has just overall done more in the sport of basketball.

I think the shaq comparisons now a days are thrown around way to loosely; you see a 7 footer with excellent size and above average athleticism who doesnt trip over there own feet while playing and we dub them the next shaq. Its very possible that Drummond is nothing more than a Deandre Jordan who btw is no slouch. People tend to under appreciate Shaq's post play.

With that Drummond does have the potential to be a possible allstar in the nba but im not taking the risk.

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I would take Valanciunas, bc he's european, and he can actually shoot FT's.. With Drummond, you actually have a worse FT shooter than Dwight (yes it's possible), which prevent him to be really dominant on the offensive end of the floor.. Drummond might be the best rebounder and shot blocker in the league down the road, but will be always limited offensively.. Jonas is already very skilled offensively and is solid defensively already, and is improving on both ends.. gotta love it. Now I expect negs and no explanations. peace

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It depends on the power

It depends on the power forward i'm going to have next to him. Just using these guys as sample power forwards

If i have a Power forward like Josh Smith who defensively tries to block every shot then I'm going to want to Jonas because with Smith flying around he's more likely to grab the rock off the glass.

If i have a Power forward like Dirk who is skilled offensively but needs someone on the back end to block shots and get boards then i'd want Drummond.

It just all depends on the type of team and other players i have

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I agree with Greek Baller.

I agree with Greek Baller. Drummond might be slightly better rebounder or at blocks but is not as skilled as JV offensively.

What is about american big men not being able to shot 50% from the ft line.

Shaq, Howard and Drummond all struggle. Our under 8's little league teams here in Greece could shoot better from the foul line than these three overhyped morons.

Marc Gasol shot 85% from the line this year while JV shot 80%. Howard shot 49% and Drummond shot 37%. Absolutely pathetic !!

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Drummond and I'd give up

Drummond and I'd give up several first round picks to make that happen. There is no comparison between the two players. Drummond has a huge weakness in that FT% but it only has to get up to 50% and it will no longer be a problem.

This debate will look silly in about a month into the regular season.

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You're basing this on what exactly? You act like there's no comparison but haven't said why other than free throws - which isn't the only difference.

It seems pretty even to me and very hard to judge for the future because of Drummond's physical advantage and less experience as a pro. Valanciunas has shown more potential from mid-range also. I don't like to sit on the fence but I really don't know how to pick who will be the better player.

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I've seen this same thread

I've seen this same thread soooo many times. Let's all just agree that they're both good right now with the potential to be great, with Jonas being more skilled and Dre having more athleticism

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Really ? This is my first

Really ? This is my first seeing a thead on between Jonas Valanciunas or Andre Drummond.

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So a player shooting 50% from

So a player shooting 50% from the line isn't a problem to you??
I've been a fan of both and I think people seem to only focus on the potential of the 2. But let's be honest how many players actually maximize there potential ? If I was a GM I would also just look at the player now and also take a look at what I think the bottom is for both of these guys. Drummond has pretty much no moves and only scores using dunks or put backs but rebounds very well and defensively is already a force protecting the rim and also has a low bball iq.
JV has a mid range jumper scores pretty decent from the post (not to mention he has a really good pump fake) and hits free throws better then most guards. He also rebounds very well and while he is not the shot blocker that Drummond is I actually think JV got a lot better at just keeping his hands straight up and not getting out of position going for blocks and he also has a better bball iq then Drummond.

Will Drummond reach his full potential? Hard to really say but I'm not a big fan of taking a guy who's entire game at this time revolves around his athleticism considering injuries can take that away from you very fast and of course Father Time catches up with everyone. Looking at JV he seems to already have a veterin type of game that will help him in the NBA for a long time regardless of his athleticism.

Another thing while Drummond is an elite athlete for a big man lets not forget that JV is a good athlete also. Not in drummonds league obviously but still no slouch. And it will also help compliment his skill very well as he gets more experience in the NBA game.

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As usual

.... every now and then we find this question on various forums and the answer, less or more is always the same: Drummond has the upper ceiling but he is raw. terribly raw... in few years we'll see how he worked to improve. Today is impossible to predict who will be the best.

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Tough one.

It's way to early to decide that one. Both are young and dominated the summer league. Drummond seems more risky but his ceiling is closer to a Dwight Howard, JoVal is celing is a Marc Gasol type of player. Depends on what system you have and what other players you have to make that choice.

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I'm just mad

I'm just mad the Raptors could of had both ... could have had a beast 1-2 punch down low

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Both are very good and are

Both are very good and are going to be even better, but I don't see Valanciunas resembling Gasol that much. Gasol has a killer shot from 15 feet for a center, and Valanciunas IMO is more athletic and more of a ''beast'' than Gasol is.

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I would take Valanciunas

I would take Valanciunas because he is a much safer pick, and is a more versatile and skilled player than Andre.

First of all, Drummond might be the worst free throw shooter the NBA has ever seen, which scares me because he becomes a liability on the floor at the end of games. Where as Jonas shot 88% from the line in Summer League making 29 of 33. Its a small sample size but he will still likely keep his ft% up in the 80% range which is outstanding for a Center.

Jonas also has the much better basketball IQ at this stage in their development, and he also shows a lot more heart and desire to win when he's on the court. He demands the ball a lot for a young big and he's plays with a lot of emotion which is great to see because that can brush off on teammates and get everyone playing hard together.

Drummond does have much more potential, but it's hard to tell if he will ever reach it... Valanciunas is a safer pick since he already has some offensive moves and ability, and he's also got some star potential as well. Id take Valanciunas, but who knows, maybe Drummond surprises people this season.

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Valanciunas (non Biased)

I know it may seem like a biased opinion just because I am a Toronto Raptors fan but I will give a case for both players.

His sky is the limit. He can easily become one of the leagues best rebounders and post defenders if he trys hard. He already has the athleticism that is going to be a vital part of his game. He is already an elite rebounder and shot blocker. His defense is up there and with a little more work he will be a better defender. However, the main reason why I pick Valanciunas over him is because of offense. If is the key word and IF drummond works on his offensive game, he will be the complete package. He truly needs to work on his free throw shooting and his post moves and until he doesn't he will not be a huge threat on the inside.

Valanciunas already has an offensive game that posses some nice post moves and a jumper that he can hit from about 14 feet. His free throws are fine and I think he is already one of the best big men at the charity stripe. However saying this, his offense is not complete. He only has a couple moves and defenders are going to figure him out very soon so he needs to add some more moves. Defensively, Valanciunas is not as good as Drummond. he can be a guy who is an elite defender, but he truly needs to work on staying out of foul trouble. Summer league showcased that he hasn't worked on that yet. He isn't as good a rebounder as Drummond but both are good rebounders.

So overall, right now I take Valanciunas. Even 5 years from now I might take valanciunas again, but Drummond still has some years before his offense reaches that of Jonas'.

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