John Wall/ Young PG's

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John Wall/ Young PG's

Secondly it's not my intention to beat a dead horse here. I understand there have been quite a few debates on the young talented point guards in the league such as Damian Lillard, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, etc. even a few recent posts on John Wall & the Wizards specifically.. but I just need some "clarification" if you will so feel free to help me understand.

In my humble opinion John Wall is the best young point guard in the game. This is hands down the most loaded position in the league so I know this can be viewed as a bold statement. Now before everyone gets their panties in a bunch I just want to let you all know that I am not including players such as Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose when healthy, who I certainly feel are superior at the moment. However I am including the likes of *gasps* Steph Curry (I feel it's close BUT HEAR ME OUT!!), Kyrie Irving, Ricky Rubio, Jrue Holiday, & Damian Lillard. Fret not, I will explain even though I'm sure I lost some folks already.

Playing for the Wizards, a lightly taken franchise in its own right, I feel he hasn't gotten his just due. I say it's time to start giving this man the credit he deserves. Let's begin with the facts. The Wizards have been horrible since Gilbert got hurt IN 2007!!! & are just starting to turn things around. Anyone who knows about Wall knows that he is a pass-first point guard WITH the ability to score. Absolutely blinding speed & at 6'4 he's taller than most PG's, he is also a freak athletically. He has improved his defense since coming into the league (even proven to be a nice shot blocker) & that jumper isn't just improved, it is beyond solid.. trust me that thing was atrocious in year 2. He can make 3's with regularity now & teams will not be leaving him open much longer if he keeps making them pay like he has this & last season. As far as his potential goes I believe he still has a lot of room to grow & he's just getting started.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because Idk if it's some underlying hatred towards him around the league or what but I don't get WHY people underrate this kid but severely overrate others. From Kyrie getting picked to start in the ASG which Wall clearly deserves to not getting selected to Team USA. It baffles me. Now please don't get me misunderstood, I believe ALL of the mentioned PG's are great young players with a bright future. I just simply feel Wall is better & I'd like to know why ppl feel others are.

****Kyrie Irving- Be honest this guy is just overrated. I will admit he is undoubtedly skilled & ahead of his time offensively with a tight handle.. but there's just more to the game than a crossover & 3's. Those are literally the only things he has over Wall, which he can clearly do as well. Wall is better defensively all around, a far better passer, better rebounder, better athletically, & is bigger and stronger. Isolation basketball only gets you so far just as T-Mac or Melo. He has no business starting over Wall in the ASG especially with a team that has a losing record & the Wiz are winning. Now I do think if Kyrie could stay in front of someone & kick up the assists a bit he'd be better... but no. Just no. Let's stop this infatuation please be real here. Uncle Drew was just a commercial people.

****Steph Curry- clearly tops the list of guards I named. I think most ppl will disagree with me on this pick & he's different from the others because I can see why. He was outstanding in the playoffs & still is. This matchup to me comes down the the defensive side of the ball because Curry can score a bit more than Wall with his lethal J. Defense gets you wins!! I think Wall can play far better on D than Steph can & can score on a notch below him so I think that will even it out. Also, like most matchups, Wall is superior athletically & I believe he's a better passer & rebounder. As I said before it's very close, but if I'm starting a new team give me Wall. Not to take anything away from Steph though, he's certainly ELITE!

****Damian Lillard- a lot of what I stated of Kyrie goes for Lillard here. However I don't believe he's overrated. I believe he deserves the respect he gets, he's not OVERhyped. I feel Lillard is even better than Irving as well. However when it comes to all around game, again I think Wall has him beat.

As far as the others go I feel the majority of people think that Wall is better so no need to add to all this. I think people need to understand that as far as all around games go Wall is better than many guys who are thought of to be better simply because they score it at a slightly higher clip and/or have great publicity. 2-way players are more valuable. This is obviously something I feel strongly about being a fan of the NBA, so I sincerely apologize for the lengthy post but this needed to be said. I would love to hear some feedback, & thanks for reading! There's also another mini article on this I found after typing this up... FYI

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