John Wall Vs Blake Griffin

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John Wall Vs Blake Griffin

If they were both drafted at the same time
Who would have been picked first?
I dont care about the Team Needs or whatever but who will be the better player
and the R.O.Y. Next Year?

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Griffen because he was SO

Griffen because he was SO dominant his junior year in college, i mean he ran away with the Naismith player of the year. Easily Blake Griffen.

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Griffin was only in college

Griffin was only in college for two seasons, he entered the draft after his sophomore season but nevertheless I say Wall, point guards with his speed, athleticism, court vision and play making ability do not come around often and he had a great season with Kentucky both statistical and team wise. Depending on which player went where would determine their rookie success but though Wall is the first pick I say Griffin would be an instant impact player to the NBA as Wall would need a couple years of experience to do truly well.

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i say griffen because

i say griffen because everyone loves big men that dominate thats why every year teams take huge risks trying to find them. I still think griffen will be amazing

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Blake for me

Like many have said he was so dominant and bigs with his skills don't come every draft maybe u can get one if ur lucky others are good in certain areas but may lack a little something here and there or take time to develop Blake was ready to go just needed polishing... Wall is good but he is better compared to Evans as many people said if the draft was to be redone he wouldve gone first now if they went in the same draft it would be intereting to see why a team wouldve chose one over the other

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John Wall had a great

John Wall had a great freshman season, but he didn't dominate college basketball. Griffin dominated college basketball... He had no competition at all.

You really couldn't go wrong with either pick. It'd all depend on a team need.

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I'll take Griffin, his upside

I'll take Griffin, his upside is unreal

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The Great Wall

I think this falls between the Rose/Beasley discussion. So I say Wall his talent and ceiling are undeniable now Blake will most likely be better than Beasley but Wall is a franchise changing player and Blake is too but for Wall sky is the limit and Blake is already injury prone

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Pretty sure they were talking

Pretty sure they were talking about this last year if Wall would've tried to enter out of hs. He had a solid possibility at going first then, if he had entered. I believe he would go first after what he did this year too, no matter what Griffen did. Just look at Rose vs Beasley, who dominated the NCAA and who went first? Please no Blake Griffin was better then Mike Beasley was in college either. Beasley was the best player in college from day 1. Then everyone left and Griffin had his way.

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Easily Wall

Easily Wall

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depends on the team. Every

depends on the team. Every team situation would not be for them to pick Griffin over Wall or the other way around. I think they will have a equal impact for their position. I like Griffin but if Wall is anything like Rose or Rondo who he is compare to, Wall would be the choice unless that team had a point guard that did not need to be upgraded. NBA is more of a guard dominated game right now. If Griffin could play Center I would have to change that but the two key positions in the NBA are point guard and Center.

Small forward are a common position

Shooting guard varies depending on whether it is a star player or not or just a solid guy that can put up numbers

power forward are the guys that typically do the dirty work unless there is no strong center than they fill that role and the Center does the dirty work.

Power forwards are only being seen as key now because there are not that many solid centers but still point guard for the most part determine a lot for a team because they control the tempo which is key to winning or losing a game.

There are not many power forward that you can say right off the back that does that unless they control things on the defensive end.

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Ill take Griffen, the guy was

Ill take Griffen, the guy was a flat out BEAST in college.

Wall was great in college but anyone who thinks Wall is better is going straight off hype. I'm taking a proven HOSS over a great looking player with potential.

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Griffin is the guy. The way dwight howard dominates the league with rebounding and dunks of sheer force griffin woul dbe too good to pass up on. Also good point guards com eevery year. im sure a team would take griffin and sign a vet or draft another guard rather than draft wall with the potential of a great big gone to another team

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Wall is phenom with huge

Wall is phenom with huge upside..Griffin is the beast already with upside..both super good..
actually i have thought about it few times i think we can add Derrick my opinion their level their stats and everything could be in so high and so similar level that you will never have the aswer who?..i think all three (together with Tyreke too) could be the best players after LeBron and KD 5 years from now.

as for now Griffin was better college player and Wall still has more to just because i think let say in first two season Blake will be slightly better i would take him now.

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