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John Wall

I think he's the most gifted PG in the league today; may be all time save Magic Johnson and his 6'9 frame. At 6'4, he has enough length to bother either backcourt positions and cause mismatches. He also has a blinding speed, unteachble body control, good court vision, PG mentaility and tight handles. But what Wall's game missing is: attention to detail, ability to finish in traffic, ability to hit mid range and long range off the dribble. Basically this:

With that said, Rose or any other superstar didn't come into the league having no holes in their game. They worked hard at their game. I can only blame the Wizards for surronding Wall with mediocre talent and poor veteran leadership. At one point, they had McGee, Blatche and Young as their veterans. Seriously? This kid could have been much better sooner. He is not playing up to his potential or at least at the pace of development as I've hoped by this time- his fourth season in the NBA. For a true point guard with a pass first mentality, I'd imagine him having a great FG% but he's shooting below 45% for his career. Steve Nash who was known more for shooting jumpers is hairline below 50% for his career. There is simply no excuse for him to be taking up only 14 shots a game and shooting the way he does.

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While I agree that Wall is

While I agree that Wall is incredibly gifted and has shown a commitment to the growth of his skills and leadership ability, to compare him to Magic Johnson is hyperbolic. While Wall may very well be one of the most athletic points of all time, he lacks the elite vision and feel for the game that generational point guards like Magic, Nash, Isiah Thomas and Chris Paul possess(ed). However, at his recent (12-18 month) growth rate, there is no reason to believe that Wall can't climb to the top of the current point guard hierarchy. Chris Paul and Tony Parker are getting older, Rose is in an uncertain place, and Wall has a size/defense advantage over Curry, Lillard, Lawson et al.

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